Thank you for stopping by and reading about Lydia.  Please take time to sign our guestbook.  It brings us lots of hope and encouragement. 




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  1. Kristen & Rick Ivy Says:

    We came across your website through the friend of a friend of a friend. We stop by daily for updates and we’re praying!
    Austin, Tx

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  2. Mandy Says:

    Thank you for calling to update me on Lydia’s condition. I am praying for all of you and I send my love.

  3. Shari Says:

    Your updates encourage me and strengthen my faith, and have ever since I started reading regularly. I’ve been telling my Mom about you and your situation tonight. We were talking about tough situations and I told her that if ANYONE had reason to complain, it would be you. Still, I read your updates and they are filled with Hope and Trust, not doubt and complaint. YOU and your family are that light set on the table top that shines bright!! You are reflecting God’s love that he is pouring into your family during a really difficult trial. I am so glad that he allowed our paths to cross that special adoption day..Dec 9th, 2005! Sending you all our love and prayers. Don, Shari, Hannah Claire and Rhianna

  4. Shae Wall Says:

    I just wanted to tell you that we love you and that we are praying for all of you. There isn’t a week that goes by in youth group that someone doesn’t mention Lydia’s name during prayer requests. 🙂
    You are such an inspiration – even though I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.
    I know I haven’t been able to see you often, but please call me anytime if you need a friend (or anything else).

  5. Kathy Sechriest Says:

    David and Liz,
    I read your site frequently to keep up with precious Lydia’s progress. My heart and prayers are with you always.

  6. Father Farken Says:

    LIZZAH!I spoke to your Dad after service today and he told me all about precious Lydia. He has pictures of her everywhere in the church…as well as Caleb and Andrew. He sure loves his grandchildren and he is on a mission for his Lydia. The whole church is storming heaven in prayer for her and I hear they’re having a raffle to raise money for her stay in Seattle. Whatever happened to Bingo? I remember when it was a sacrament! Oh well… One last thing…Your Daddy loves you so much…he says you are his first born. Our prayers go out to you, David, baby Yalzah, our boys and of course his heart and soul…Lydia. Cindy, Claire and all the family as well- send their love! The peace of the Lord!!! Fr. Farken

  7. Allison Bonds Says:

    Liz, I just e-mailed you some Seattle contacts. I hope something works out with them…I know the Lord is preparing the way.

    I’m sorry about the head banging! Please don’t feel bad about it. I would be in real trouble with my proprioception issues; there is no telling how many times parts of Coleman & Caroline got bonged as I carried them around! Now they bang into things constantly on their own.

    Maybe once Lydia is mobile she will take after her Daddy. 🙂

    Love ya, Alli

  8. Jane Cash Says:

    Hello….praying and thinking of you all daily. thanks for the updates…love you all. jane

  9. Susie Houk Says:

    I have been keeping up with Lydia through emails from my cousin, Beth Harbin. I’m so thankful she is doing so well. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I’m hoping to hear more good news.
    God bless you all.

  10. Jill Bratcher Says:

    Hey Liz. I enjoyed talking with you in clinic today. I just want you to know that I will keep Lydia and all of you guys in my prayers. Lydia truly is a miracle in so many ways and I am looking forward to seeing all of the work God will do in her and through her in the future. My offer stands for whenever you need it if you feel comfortable with it. Let me know if you need anything!
    Jill Bratcher
    clinic 8

  11. Hey Liz!

    Yes I did a blonde thing! I left a response in your journal and I meant to leave it in your guestbook!! I hope I made you smile! Please keep in touch. Your family really touched ours.
    God Bless
    Tina Thompson (Summer’s Mom)

  12. Denise McClendon Says:


    I just wanted to let you know your family is in my prayers.

  13. AElena Collinson Says:

    Was told about the baby by Carolyn…we met when I lived in Oregon..funny story…we met over the phone..and have kept up thru e-mail ever since… The pictures are beautiful…I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers all the time. Take care.

    AElena Collinson
    Broken Bow, Oklahoma

  14. Laura Lewis Says:

    Lydia and family,

    My Neice is Sarah Thompson (your neighbor). I live an hour south of Seattle. I look forward to visiting with you when you arrive in the Northwest.

    Please let me know if I can help in any way! I am praying for you and know you are in the Lord’s hands! (John 10:28)

    I am a Grandma and have 10 grandchildren. These are such precious little lives!

    Because He Lives!

    Laura Lewis

  15. Jennifer Sheppard Says:

    Hi Liz-
    Just wanted to write and let you know we are still praying for you and sweet Lydia. I loved seeing pictures of her! She’s just beautiful!! I prayed and thought about you a lot yesterday and I’m sure the dedication was very special. We are praying for the transplant in Seattle and all that goes along with that, for peace and grace from God for you and your family, and ultimate healing for Lydia. Thank you for sharing this journey with others and inspiring me with your faith.
    In Christ,
    Jennifer Sheppard
    (Loftin’s mom 🙂

  16. Jill Bratcher Says:

    Hey Liz. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for Lydia tonight. I am praying for her counts to come up before Wednesday. It may seem like a long-shot, but look how far He has brought her already!! Bringing her counts up is nothing for Him!! I hope you guys have a good night and that she is still taking her bottles!! Love you guys.

  17. Kate Evans Says:

    My friend Heidi Hummel let me know about this site. Keep fighting and i will keep you all in my thoughts.


  18. Amy Scott Says:

    Dear David, Liz, the Boys, and Lydia,

    I am thinking of you guys and praying that the Lord will be extra near tonight. I am not great at conveying all I want you to know, but I pray the Lord will give the grace you need to endure this trial and that He will give you moments of joy along the way.

  19. Jane Cash Says:

    Good Morning! Just wanted to say hello and to let you know I visit almost daily to check on you all. Prayers continue…love you Jane

  20. Linda McGee Says:

    I’m Chris’ mom – Bro. Gary sent me your email and I’ve forwarded to my boys. We will all be praying for Lydia and for your whole family. We’ll check the website, too – glad you’re doing it. Linda McGee

  21. Allison Bonds Says:

    Yay! Fabulous news that the tap was successful!!!

  22. Mrs. MK Says:

    Your family is in our prayers. Your signature “God is Good—all of the time” has been going through my mind all day today—-one of the hardest days of my life thus far. Blessings to you and may God keep Baby Lydia in his hands!!

  23. Red Hamilton Says:


    Great news. Thanks for the current update. Pat & I have been traveling the last few weeks but I have kept up with all postings. God does answer prayers. Lydia, you and your family have been in mine daily since I first learned about Lydia. I have missed our short visits and hope to see you soon.
    May God watch over bless you all.

  24. Angie S Says:

    Your entire family is in my thoughts every day. The strength and faith you continually demonstrate are so admirable. Lydia is blessed to have such a community of support! Thank you for keeping us all updated through this website – it truly is a connection for all of our hearts. Sending much love your way…

  25. Rebecca Krueger Says:

    Praise God for His continued care & watch over sweet Lydia!!!

    We love you all & will continue to pray for protection as she goes through treatment!!


  26. Lisa McBrayer Says:

    My continued prayers are with baby Lydia and your entire AMAZING family. I love you, sweetie!!


  27. Dear Liz & David — Jeff & I say prayers for Lydia at bed-time every nite w/ Drew & Vivi. We also ment’n her name whenever we eat together & ask God to help her to become healthy again. Take care of yourselves & you’ll love Seattle.

    Much Love, Colette, Jeff, Drew, Vivi, Nanny & Bonnie

  28. Ginger Dyer Says:

    Hi Friends! So I’m just now catching on that you have a Guestbook…I’ve been messaging you as “comments”. Sorry about the confusion! 🙂

    Praise the Lord that Lydia’s surgery went well! I will continue to pray specifically as you have requested.

    Yes, our Creator is lovely. I couldn’t agree more!


  29. Suzanne Says:

    I am so glad that Lydia is feeling better. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated on your website. I certainly hope everything goes well for Lydia in Seattle. We will be thinking and praying for you all.
    Suzanne and family

  30. Christine Harris Says:

    Hi Liz & David,

    Amber has always kept me updated about how things are going with your family. I’ve rejoiced with you as the boys and Lydia and joined your family, and I hope and pray with you now for Lydia’s recovery. You’re in my thoughts every day.


  31. Ruth Says:

    I was in Children’s Hospital in Seattle with my son last year for about 6 months – he had AML and spent most of his time inpatient. Karla (Samantha’s mom) emailed me about Lydia. My son was 2 yrs old and had chemotherapy there. He is doing great now.
    We want to see how we can help you – we live 31 miles from the hospital, so I can come up on occasion and bring you things and help out in some way hopefully.
    How wonderful to see your love for the Lord and your trust in Him!
    Please email me at
    We can talk about more of our experience at Children’s then.

  32. Emma Says:

    I am sorry you have had some recent rough days. Sending prayers and sunshine for some stability and peace for Lydia and her wonderful mommy. Regarding Seattle, I am accross the border in BC if ever need anything I am here for you. I know how hard this is, but I know you get get through it and that you are doing the right thing.

    xx Emma (Daisy’s Mom)

  33. Ginger Dyer Says:

    My heart breaks for you reading your last entry. I’m so sorry baby Lydia has a fever and had to endure a catheter. Both of those made Meredith feel AWFUL, so I know how your heart is aching!
    What I don’t know is how you can stand to be apart from your precious boys…not having any other children myself, I can only imagine how torn you feel. We are praying for your family to remain strengthened by God’s guiding hand.
    Praise the Lord that the blood clot is breaking up!
    We love you!!
    Always praying,
    Ginger (with Tom & Meredith)

  34. Barb Schaefer Says:

    Liz and David,

    Thanks for using the website. It keeps us up to date without bothering you. We think about you often and you are all in our prayers!

    Hang in there and know that everyone up here in Wisconsin is praying for you!

    Love from Barb, Amber and Amanda

  35. Liz,
    God has given you a special baby and you have accepted His gift with love. He doesn’t give you a cross that you cannot handle. Prayers are the best way we know to help you. (Has David given you the “clinging cross” that we gave him to give to you so you can hold onto it through your trials?) If there is any way you need us to go and help at your house, let us know. We will continue our prayers.
    Love, Bob and Marge

  36. Hey! In looking on the website for your e-mail, I just realized you have a guestbook. In looking over your guestbook, I realized that my aunt (Laura Lewis) signed your guestbook in February. I am way behind! Anyway, I enjoyed talking to you last night. I left Sally a message this morning and look forward to talking to her soon. I’ll bring you the rest of my aunt’s (and cousins) info on Thursday. Hope Lydia is feeling better and is fever-free today! See you soon!

  37. Pretty Woman Says:

    I just wanted you to know that I am praying for that little angel. I really enjoy spending time with her, she is such a joy and you are such a delight as well. I am really enjoying my day today, but I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you guys and look forward to seeing you soon….Hugs and kisses!!!

  38. Jennifer Whitaker Says:

    Hi Liz,
    I’m signing the guestbook so I can be “official.” =) You, Lydia, David and the boys are never far from our hearts, minds, and prayers. Your faith and Lydia’s fight is an inspiration to me every single day. We love you!

    Jennifer, Daren, Adah and Amelia Whitaker

  39. Stephanie Graves Says:


    I awoke this morning with y’all on my heart. I have prayed like a magic mama this morning and hope that you know that we love you and wish that we could be there every day for you. We have given your site to some real prayer warriors to read so that they would know exactly what to pray for. If I could bottle up a hug and kiss , I would send it your way. We miss you all terribly and hope to see you soon.


  40. The Moores Says:

    Prayers, Prayers, and more Prayers lifted to the Father on behalf of little Lydia and your entire family. We received your site link from Stephanie and want you to know that we join others and petitioning the Great Physician. May she be healed and may you all find rest in your few hours to sleep, wisdom in your foggy thinking, and faith in the desperate moments.
    Brian, Cheree, and Sawyer Moore

  41. Jane Cash Says:

    Hello…I love you all. Prayers go up daily…for each of you.

  42. Jeanette Southworth Says:

    Hi Liz,

    My name is Jeanette Southworth and we do not yet know each other. My sister forwarded me information about your family because of a friend of a friend of yours. I am writing you because I live in Seattle, WA. I moved here from Birmingham, AL four and a half years ago to help start a new church. I would love to connect with you guys and see how I might be a support and connection for you guys here in Seattle. As I said, I know we have yet to meet, but I believe that the bond of Christ connects strangers. In reading your blog, it is evident that you have complete faith in Christ and that He is continuing to hold you close through this process. I am not sure what hospital you will be coming to, but I would love to see if I can help you guys in any way prepare for your time here. Please feel free to email me at

    I will be praying for you guys and praying that God will show you each day how He is still close to you and that you will feel the assurance of His ever-presence in your lives. I pray for complete healing of your beautiful daughter and for strength beyond measure for your family as you face the journey ahead of you.

    A sister in Christ,


  43. Katherine Hilton Says:

    Liz, I am in constant prayer for you all and am full of hope. Your continued faith is such an inspiration to me. On a separate note, I still have lfu symptoms, although I am very close to being totally well. I look forward to seeing you all and bringing more meals once I am sure that I won’t be exposing you to any germs! Take care and take comfort in the Lord.

  44. Ruth Mason Says:

    Dear Liz and family,
    Each of you continue to be in our prayers daily. Plus all our friends keep praying for baby Lydia. We are so thankful that you continue to have such an outpouring of love from your church family and from friends-old and new- near and far. Thanks for updating the blog. We so care about each of you and what’s going on.

  45. Kimberly McCarty Davis Says:

    I read your blog every couple of days and think about you alot. I know it has been many years since I have been able to see you but I was thrilled to see your mom about year and a half ago when she came to see me with Granny Helen (Aunt Helen to you). You are always in my prayers and my little boys add Lydia in their prayers as well. My heart goes out to you and your family and I know the love of the lord and the many prayers you know are being said will get you through this. I remember when I went through chemo years ago I received prayers from all over the country and had so many people there ready to give their heart and soul. It was amazing thing and it is god’s will that I am still here to talk about it. As hard as Lydia has it when she is in pain I can tell you now being an adult that went through it, it hurts the mommy alot more(in the heart). I was old enough to see what it put my mom through during that fight for life and they were treating my pain and suffering but my mom’s heart was breaking watching her baby girl go through it. Keep your head up and know we are all here for and can’t imagine what it is doing to you. I know the lord has a plan and we just have to hold on the see where it is going to lead us. I think about Sally and your little boys alot as well. I have 2 little boys the same ages as yours and I know the attention they want but you sure seem have all your bases covered. Please know we might be in Florida but it is not to far to come help with anything we could assist with. And if there is any medical information we could get you that might help please let me know. We are very good friends with a retired pediatric oncologist from the University of Florida that has assess to amazing studies and doctors.
    Once again keep your heads and we will keep praying everyday. Her pictures are beautiful

  46. Ruth Says:

    Hi Liz!
    Lydia and you all are in our prayers. We want to do what we can to be a support and encouragement when you get to Seattle. Keep me posted on things.
    Love and prayers,

  47. Jennifer Henderson Says:


    Sorry I haven’t been in touch. We’ve all had a little touch of this, a little touch of that, off and on for a few weeks now. I felt it better to stay away for Lydia’s sake.

    The boys’ school had a type of book drive where they could purchase books for the school library and dedicate them if desired. Jake chose to dedicate his in honor of “Baby Lydia”. Obviously, she has had a huge impact on his young life even at age eight. You already know that she is impacting people all around the world for our Lord but thought I would share how she’s touched our family directly in even a small way.

    Please let us know if we can help y’all out in ANY way, no matter how small or big. We love you all and hold you in our prayers.

    Love, Jennifer
    for The Henderson family

  48. Jennifer Whitaker Says:

    We love you Liz, and are praying for Lydia’s evident healing. You all are in our hearts and on our minds daily.

    Much much love and peace,
    Daren, Jennifer, Adah, and Amelia Whitaker

  49. Gail Says:

    Lydia and family,
    My cousin Beth Harbin has been writing to me about you, I’m glad to be able to “talk” to you directly. We have been praying for you and will continue to do so. God be with you all.

  50. Linda (Julie's Mom) Says:

    Just wanted you to know that our church is keeping Lydia on our prayer list. I went directly to your website after I got an email update from Julie. Thanks for the updates. The strength God gives you and your family is amazing. We’re praying for miracles!

  51. Ginger Dyer Says:

    Always praying for you guys!
    We love you!

    Tom, Ginger & Meredith

  52. Hi All,
    I just wanted to write you a note and let you know I’m still praying…I think of all of you often!
    I want to do something for you guys…food or a play date for the boys, but we have had perpetually runny noses for the past 3 months. Maybe it will end soon!
    Keep on Keeping on!
    The Brooms

  53. Praying for Lydia!

    The PEtersonclan

  54. Laura Lewis Says:


    Just a note to let you know that I am holding you and your family up in prayer!

    Because He Lives!

    Laura Lewis
    Washington State

  55. Jennifer Sheppard Says:

    Just wanted you to know that we have not ceased praying for Lydia and your family. I check multiple times a day for updates and specific things to pray for. God is faithful and hears your cries-let his compassion and grace pour over you…to Him be the glory.
    Jennifer Sheppard

  56. It was so nice to meet you today. It is always nice to put a face with a story that you have heard about a family. Your family is beautiful- Lydia is just precious and I know God is holding her tight in His hand. I will be praying for you and your family daily. Please read Psalm 121- it has helped me and I hope it gives you courage also. If you need anything let me know- Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
    God bless you,

  57. Liz,
    My first note got erased. Sometimes I get so frustrated with these computers! I saw baby Ethan at clinic today. His website is
    Best of luck with transplant. I will talk with you soon.
    Praying for you constantly.
    Nell Fredella

  58. Cara Lambert Says:

    Hello Liz,

    I am a friend of Jennifer Whitaker and she asked for our prayers for your sweet baby girl. I have been doing so every night since, just wanted to tell you how much I admire your strength. Lydia is a lucky little girl to have a family as wonderful as yours. Good Luck.

  59. Greg Richter Says:

    You are in my prayers constantly.


  60. Shecky Kierkegaard McGirk Says:

    Liz! I do stand-up in the City…caught your dad’s act Sunday morning at his church in Newark. He told a few jokes (one about that Irish lad…O’Bama) but then he got real serious. He talked about the passion of Christ for our behalf…then he spoke of baby Lydia…and then we prayed. Did you know that nut gave up Guinness for Lent? Even on St. Paddy’s Day! It gives him more room to pray for Lydia & the whole precious family. He (& Ninny) really love y’all…so much! He also told me all about the hospital in Skedaddle(Washington)! OK! We’ve gotcha covered up this way. Speaking of Skedaddle…I’m out of here. Oh yes! Father Farken sends his blessing! Shalom & Slainte! Shecky

  61. Tamara Mayhall Says:

    What a beautiful baby bunny!! We all are praying for you continually. Thomas’s first prayer every night is for baby Lydia. I miss you terribly and pray, too, that we will all soon be well enough for me to visit. (I think that day has just about come). Walking through the prayer labyrinth tonight, your were heavily on my heart. I continue to beg the Lord for perseverance and mercy for your precious family. I love you.

  62. Angie Says:

    I check your updates all the time. You are so often in my thoughts…. Lots of Love, Angie, Leslie & Ayla

  63. Martha Says:

    I am praying for Baby Lydia. She has touched more lives than you will ever know. Your faith is a shining example of God’s love. I know you have times of despair and need encouragement. Just know that God is and all is well. He is watching Lydia everyday and already knows the outcome. Trust Him and lean on him. He loves you all so much. Lydia is His precious little soul and He loves her so much.

  64. Joni Darnell Says:

    It is amazing to see all the lives your family
    is touching, and all the inspiration you bring to us all. You are a testimony to God’s strength and enduring love. You help me keep my life in perspective. Even in this terrible time you are such a sweet aroma to our Father, He is so proud of you and loves you beyond measure. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, we are praying for you and sweet Lydia. Love, Joni

  65. Jane Cash Says:

    I love you all…I am praying really hard that Lydia will be able to get her chemo and that she will have mild side effects from it…Hugs…Jane

  66. Hi Liz and David, Just know that you are always surrounded by prayer and are not far from my thoughts. I get daily updates from Jeanette. Your Lydia is so beautiful. Isn’t it amazing how resilient babies are?
    Your sweet spirit shines through in your writing. God is definitely using you as He helps carry all of you through this time.

    Hope this is a good day and last round will begin soon.


  67. Stephanie Graves Says:

    Praying for you all!

  68. Kay Davis Says:

    Hey Dave and Liz,
    Try, try, trying again – I supposedly have sent about 4 of these comments, but they apparently didn’t work – maybe this time will! Just wanted to let you know that even when I’m up here in north Alabama, I think about you and yours all the time – and miss you! My purple prayer bracelet reminds me constantly to pray for Lydia and the whole family. I’ve been keeping up with your website – thanks for updating so faithfully! I’ve been so inspired by the two of you and how well you are handling things – at least on the outside! It’s amazing how many people up here ask about Lydia (and pray for her) – she’s a very popular girl around the Shoals! Give Lydia and the boys a hug from me!
    Love to all!
    God bless!
    Aunt Kay

  69. Michelle Says:

    What a precious baby. I can’t imagine what you all are going through, but I can see God giving you incredible strength and grace to face it! I’ll be praying for you!

  70. Hey Liz! We returned from our trip today and I was just checking in on you all. I’m glad you were able to move forward with Lydia’s chemo. I am praying that all will go well with this round and that she will suffer no mucositis or other ill effects. I’ll also keep Sally in my prayers. Call me if you need anything this week or next. I’ll be around.

  71. Ginger Dyer Says:

    Hi Liz!

    So glad to hear that you can move foward with chemo. Praise the Lord. We’ll be praying for this round to go exactly as it should and for your preparations for Seattle to be smooth.
    Thanks for telling me about Abby. I’ll be in prayer for her as well.

  72. Suzanne Says:

    Hey Liz. You once again have amazed me with your great courage and strength. We are continuing to pray for all of you. Lydia is a constant on our prayer list at church and so many people come to me asking about her progress. I hope everything goes well with this last treatment before Seattle. Keep up the wonderful faith you have and remember God answers our prayers.
    Love ya,
    Suzanne and family

  73. Still praying for you all. Sending Lydia tons of {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}.
    Have a Blessed Easter.
    Tammy, Trace and Taylor Hendrix

  74. Jill Bratcher Says:

    Hi Liz. I was just thinking about you guys and wanted to leave you a message. I will be praying for Lydia this weekend, that the chemo will do its job and nothing more!! Love you guys.

  75. Jane Cash Says:

    Hello, Liz…I check here most every day to keep updated…know you are in my prayers and that I love you….Jane

  76. Tanya Schoenhardt Says:

    Happy Easter! Yall are constantly in my prayers… lots of love to you!

  77. Jill Bratcher Says:

    Hi. Just thinking about you and praying that everything is going well and as planned. Love you.

  78. Hey Liz- it was so nice to see you today and to have someone to talk to that understands. Especially someone who loves and follows God too. Thank you for listening- when you have so much on your plate already. I got home and was praying about your situation and these verses came to mind and I felt I should share them with you. Let me know if you need anything by emailing me- The verses are Romans 12:1-2 “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God- this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is- his good, pleasing, and perfect will.”
    God bless you and know that I am praying for you and your family and clarity for your situation.

  79. Stephanie Graves Says:

    Hope you all had a great Easter! We were so glad to hear that the count down is on! Let us know if there is anything we can do for the upcoming trip. We are praying for a complete healing!!! Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty there is nothing our God cannot do for you!!! Evan and I sang this song yesterday and I thought of you all. We Love You All!!!

    Love Steph, Brian and Evan

  80. elise falk Says:

    David and liz, so glad to hear your family had a wonderful easter. Being together with family certainly does seem to heal one’s spirit. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking and praying for you guys.
    the falks

  81. Kyle Adams Says:

    Hello there 🙂
    I read the message you left on my GB. And to be completely honest, the strength shown by your daughter is one that us all have to admire 🙂

    Hope that everything will be going on well with her and also your whole family. Will keep everyone in my prayers tonight and for always.

    I’ll keep checking in your site. Thank you again for the support you’ve shown. Looking forward to hear more from you.

    God bless.

  82. Leah Mena Says:

    Hi Liz, I just want you to know what an inspiration you are to me. You are a testament to God’s love and strength. I love you and baby Lydia very much and am proud to be such a small part of her care. I pray that you will always feel the presence and strength of the Lord with you. Keeping you close in my heart and prayers!

  83. Jane Cash Says:

    Wonderful news! Love you all. Jane

  84. Dave, Liz and family—-

    Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you all and sending more prayers from WI your way.

    Hope Lydia continues to improve.

    Take care,

  85. Vicki Greene Says:

    I am so glad that Lydia is taking an interest in eating! I know what a battle this has been for you both. She is such a trooper, and she gets her strength from her mom. I have had a few emotional challenges recently. My son Christopher that you met at Childrens, had several moles removed a few weeks ago, and the one that they removed that was in the exact same place that my husbands cancer originated ,came back with pre cancerous cells in it. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. He had to go back and have more surgery to make sure they got clean margins. Praise God they did. Well, we went to get his stitches out and I pointed out two more suspicious moles, one on his back and one on his stomach. They took those off ,and on Wednesday the Dr’s office called to inform me that the one on his back also had pre cancerous cells in it. Fortunatly, they had clean margins,so he didn’t have to do anything else. He has to go back in three months to be sure it doesn’t grow back. Having lost John only two years ago, the thought of having to fight melanoma again is overwhelming. However, I have given this burden to the Lord,and have perfect peace that He will give us the strength to do what we must, as we realize this is going to be a battle for the rest of his life – getting this disease in the pre cancerous state before it has time to develop into the beast known as melanoma. Pray with me that God would give wisdom regarding these moles and which ones to remove. I check your site every day for updates and pray for your family as I read about the trials you face from day to day.If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to give me a call. Vicki Greene(Vestavia Peds)

  86. Robin Abel Says:

    The Abel’s send peaceful thoughts your way. Peace and hope and strength and encouragement for all that is and all that is to come.

    Our prayers are faithful.

    Love you.

  87. Rachel Says:

    fellow adoptive and biological mama with kids that have special needs. got your link from adoption skin and hair. praying for your little baby girl. our hearts go out to you.
    rachel, ryan, isaiah, nilam, anya, aiden, and josie hagemeyer

  88. Ruth Says:

    Thank you for the updates! We are praying for Lydia and family. I am sorry that I have not sent the magazines that I said I would – I will give them to you to read when you are up hear in Seattle. They are inspiring for moms.
    What is your current schedule for coming to Seattle? You can email me or call. Are you all coming or just you and Lydia??
    I have been visiting with another mom whose 2 yr. old son with down syndrome just had a bone marrow transplant – he had aplastic (?)anemia. There are incredible drs. and nurses here in Seattle.

    Got to go.

    Love Ruth

  89. Hey guys! I think about all of you constantly! You would be amazed how many groups in the Shoals are praying for and continue to ask about Lydia! Everyone is impressed by the strength and faith that is shown by your family! Stay strong! You have many many prayers and believers backing you! LOVE YOU all!!!

  90. Carol Reese Says:

    Hi from Wis.
    We think of you often and are keeping you in our prayers. Your little ones sounds like a real litter fighter and they always do better then those who aren’t. So keep the faith, God will help you all.
    Carol Reese

  91. Robin Says:

    I am praying for Lydia and your family. Robin

  92. Rebecca Krueger Says:

    We continue to pray that God will work all the details out!!! He is so good & so faithful & in Lydia’s weakness He is able to show Himself BIG in her life & the lives around her!!!

    You guys are amazing parents & the love you have for your sweet little ones is so obvious ~ it is a beautiful picture of God’s deep love for us!!

    Let us know how we can help!
    Rebecca, Randy, Megan & Emma

  93. Aunt Helen Says:

    Liz and David — Your faith has been such an inspiration and I want you to know that my faith has been strengthened by your steadfast trust in God. Many prayers are being said for baby Lydia from this side of the family and friends here in Florida, Tennessee, New England and Guatemala. You have done a marvelous service to all your family and friends with your website. Lydia is a beautiful little bunny. My love to you two, Caleb, Andrew and Lydia, the great-and grandparents, and all the aunts and uncles. Aunt Helen

  94. Stephanie Graves Says:

    When were you ever normal? Hahaha!!!!We love you all and are still pryaing here in P’cola. We are still sending the weblink out to folks. I sent my Nana on a mission to get all her friends to pray. Now that is some power.

    Steph, Brian and Evan

  95. Hey! I am so glad to read your update and know that you’ve been able to be at home doing “normal” things. I know it does your heart good to spend time with your boys and to see Lydia pink and feeling well. I have been thinking about you guys a lot this week. I’ll be in touch soon!

  96. Ruth Says:

    Hi Liz,
    It was great to talk to you yesterday! I am glad you are enjoying some good family time.
    We live 31 miles from Children’s here in Seattle. Your sister could stay with us but would probably have to take the bus in to town (I could take her to the bus stop and help her figure out what bus to take). It takes around an hour more or less for us to drive in to Children’s depending on traffic (time of day). She might be able to stay at your room at Ronald McDonald house also… if they allow you to have the room when you are inpatient… you never know til you get here.

    Keep me posted and we will continue to pray for you all.

    Love Ruth

  97. Angie Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I’m so glad you are able to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We’ve returned from a trip to Ohio – where it is still rather cold – and it has made me appreciate this weather even more! I’ll call you soon. So glad to read all your good news. xoxo, Angie & Ayla

  98. Pam Says:

    Hey. We have missed seeing you at the park for the egg hunt and prayer walk. Should we schedule something for 2009? It sounds like lydia is a strong little girl. We can’t wait to meet her. Alicia and Whitney send their love.
    The garrisons

  99. Jill Bratcher Says:

    Let me tell you something WEIRD! My parents are going to Seattle April 22nd also!! They are going to visit my precious, fat little nephew!! (it’s not fair!!) I’m not sure of the travel plans exactly, but I’ll have to find out. I wish they could meet you. I’m sorry I missed you guys Wednesday in clinic. I was phone nurse. I was going to try to come down, but it was pretty busy. I will see you this week though. You are, as always, in my prayers. I am so happy that Lydia has this time to feel great and play and that she’s eating so well! She truly is amazing!! But look at her mom…she came by it honestly. I love you guys! See you Wednesday, call if you need anything at all.

  100. Kay Davis Says:

    Hey Schusters!
    Wanted to let you know that I’m still thinking about y’all! Just got off the phone with a lady from my church that called to get an update – she keeps the prayer chain updated and calls regularly. She said to let y’all know that they pray for Lydia and her family every single day. She was very excited to hear GOOD news! (me, too!) They are only ONE of the many groups of people up here in the Shoals praying for y’all! Even tho I still wear it, I really don’t need the bracelet to remind me – I think of y’all all the time! Give Lydia and the boys a hug from me. See ya soon!
    Much love!
    Aunt Kay

  101. Cammy Says:

    Thinking of Lydia & your Family today with lots of prayers!

    Cammy – Laken & Nigel’s Mom

  102. Bob Coker Says:

    Our Sunday school class has been praying for you and Lydia since last December. Every night my yougest daughter and I pray for you as well. My daughter(9yrs) is always anxious for updates about Lydia and is thrilled with her progress.
    I have seen miracles. I believe God is working a miracle through your precious little girl.
    Doctors, though trained to believe they are gods, connot perform a miracle. Only God is in the miracle business. I pray for His grace to envelopes your entire family.
    -Bob Coker
    Snellville, Ga.

  103. Jane Cash Says:

    I love you….Jane

    P.S. Hug your mom for me…

  104. Ginger Dyer Says:


    I am the worst friend! I have been thinking about ya’ll and praying for ya’ll, but I never called you back last week. I’m so sorry. You, of all people, have SO much going on, that I have no good excuse. I’m just a loser! We were in Clinic when you called and I was in the middle of a discussion…then everytime I thought about it, it was too late.
    Anyhoo, were your ears burning today?! I was talking to Dr. Simpson, thanking him for sending me your way!

    Thankful to hear that Lydia’s swelling isn’t alarming to the doctors.

    I will try to call tomorrow. Let me know if you think of any way I could help you “iron”!


  105. Catherine from 4Tower Says:

    Hi Liz and family!
    It was so great seeing you and Lydia today! She looks amazing!–I am amazed! I will be sure to check in with you guys throughout your journey. We love you and will miss you so much.
    Take care and much love,
    Catherine (and Amie :))

  106. Stephanie Graves Says:

    Greetings from Pensacola. Still praying and believing for a miracle. The Lord will work all the details out. I can attest to that in my own world-He keeps it all flowing smoothly in spite of me. We love you all!!!

    Steph, Brian and Evan

  107. Jennifer Cuevas Says:

    This is Jennifer Cuevas from St Vincents. I am so happy that Lydia is doing well. I haven’t forgotten about you all and you’re always in our prayers. I hope that all goes well as you leave for Seattle. God Bless.

  108. Leah Mena Says:

    Liz, I am so thankful that you all had a great flight to Seattle and were received with loving,open arms. The love of God is amazing. I think of you and Lydia daily and lift you up in my prayers. Give my girl a kiss…hugs to all! Through Him! Leah

  109. Jasmine Hoggle Says:

    So glad you made it safe and sound. Isn’t God just so wonderful and faithful?? I saw you guys on NBC 13 yesterday, what a neat story they did. However, I couldn’t help but tear up…Lydia has been “our” baby from the start (CHS) and it feels so strange to transition her care to somewhere else. I know God has HIS arms around your whole family and HIS plans are perfect. Lyida is so blessed to have parents that have done so much research on her behalf. You guys are awesome. Can’t wait to see you all along with a healed miracle walking into our clinic very soon. All my love.

    Jasmine Hoggle, Clinic 8

  110. Catherine and Amie on 4T! Says:

    Hi Liz!
    Amie and I have been thinking about you guys so much and are so thankful you are safe and sound in Seattle. I was so happy to see Lydia in the paper! The pictures are awesome. We love you and miss you and you are in our prayers.

  111. Kay Davis Says:

    OH, SO glad you’re safe and sound in Seattle! A friend of mine sent me the Birmingham News article via email, so I got to see it – truly wonderful! I sent it to you in case you wanted to keep it on your computer. You and yours continue to be in my prayers – and in the prayers of LOTS of other people up here in north Alabama! “… and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” James 5:16
    Hopefully, I’ll get down to B’ham to see the boys sometime soon – I’ll give them extra hugs for you! We’ll be thinking about all of you!
    Much love!
    Aunt Kay

  112. Sara Archer Says:

    Hi Liz!
    I just read the article and I am so happy to hear everything is going well in Seattle. We are praying for sweet Lydia, you, and your boys. We are praying for every single detail- big and small. Our God is awesome and He is bigger than all of this. All our love- Sara, Henry, Elizabeth (& Joey)

  113. Ginger Dyer Says:

    Hi Liz & Miss Lydia!

    Great article in the B’ham news!! You are famous! 🙂

    I am praying!! I hope your cell works where you are living/in the hospital, because I plan on calling in a few days.

    Please be assured that our family is praying for this next phase of your journey to be successful & smooth for your entire family. I can’t imagine what all you had to do to prepare for this trip. It’s hard enough packing, etc. to be at CH in our own town! You are amazing!!
    Much love,
    Ginger (with Tom & Meredith, Pops & Mimi!)

  114. So glad to hear about your smooth travels and warm reception there in Seattle. We are grateful for the tremendous kindnesses that people are showing to you and your family. I remember to pray when I look at our little Joseph every day. His sweet disposition and big smile reminds me and makes it a pleasure to pray for Lydia as she battles. His sweet mom reminds me to pray for you as well and I’m glad to know your mom is with you out there.

  115. Ruth Says:

    That is wonderful how it all worked out for you to get the special flights up here! We look forward to meeting you. Zack has a dr. apt. at Children’s next Thursday, so I hope to meet you then. We will try to call you on Wednesday. Let me know if you need anything before then… I can bring things you would like when I come next week.
    How long will your mom be with you?
    Love Ruth

  116. I hope you get this message, I am not one for a computer. Just wanted you to know that our bible study group is praying for you and baby Lydia. I see that you and your mother made it safe from others on the guest book. One day I hope to take Lydia!s brothers on a walk down the street.BEAUTY FOR ASHES AND GOLD FOR MY DROSS;JOY FOR MY SORROWS,A CROWN FOR MY CROSS;PEACE FOR MY HEARTACHE,A BALM FOR MY PAIN;SUNSHINE FOR SHADOWS,A BOW AFTER RAIN.A TRIAL MAY BE GOD,S GOOD GIFT IN DISGUISE.

  117. The Leggs Says:

    Your updates are such a blessing. We will keep you and all of the family lifted up.

  118. Well, I haven’t been a very good neighbor! I have had you on my mind so much knowing that you were about to leave for Seattle. I was planning to call this weekend to see what I could do while you were getting packed! I’m so glad you made it to Seattle safe and sound. The article on Lydia is great. We will continue to keep you in our prayers!

  119. Wini Says:

    Liz and Dave
    I am so overwhelmed with your continued strength and faith. I felt compelled to reach out to you and let you know that you, Lydia and your boys are on the forefront of my prayers. I know that god has his hand on you and is carrying you through this. What an amazing girl she is!! I look forward to checking back often to see the miracles at work. Stay strong!

  120. Barb Schaefer Says:

    Good luck Lydia, We are all praying for you here in Wisconsin. I am passing on the website so they can check in as well.

    David and Liz–Good luck with the transplant in Seattle. I wish we lived down there and could help out! I am amazed at the progress that Lydia has made.

    Just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Take care! Love from the Schaefers

  121. Ruth Says:

    Your faith is contagious and I want to catch it! You are amazing and Lydia even more. What an incredible little girl God has gifted to you.

    I loved the night Angie, Anna, Lisa, you and I prayed over her. It was so very special, Lydia was just peacefully sleeping as we prayed, I know God was with her.

    I sense the presence of our God every time I see you with her. You are a beacon of light that shines the Holy Spirit. I pray that God’s will be done in her life and in yours. You are truely an amazing example of what faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ offers to believers. I Love you Lizzie and am constantly amazed by your love.

  122. Ruth L Says:

    I was just reading all of the prayer warriors responses and realized that I’m not the only Ruth (truthfully I’ve never encountered any rivals for my name)WOW ego HIT,

    Anyway girlfriend, 4/18/08 @ 8:55 is your girl Ruth, Quaker group might give it up, I love ya girlfriend. If you thing of anything I can do for Sally, David or your lovely boys- pick up the phone and call me and it’s done. GOD IS AMAZING, ISN’T HE!

  123. Nancy Says:

    Hey, a girl I work with saw you and Lydia on the news… I’m praying for you as you settle in Seattle. I enjoyed my time on Saturday with you and yours. Lydia really is amazing, such a sweet spirit. Love you. Nancy

  124. Uncle Bill Says:

    We are reading and keeping up with Lydia’s progress. Glad you all made it to Seattle safe and sound.

  125. Colette & Jeff Says:

    Jeff & I are praying w/ the children every night at prayers & before each meal, for all to go well w/ Little Lydia. I’m so glad that you’re finally settled in Seattle, w/ your Mom there to help you. My Mom & 2 sisters are coming over to visit this mo., since we’ll be leaving Italy next yr. I can remember your visit w/ us, w/ David, during your honeymooon & what a wonderful time you had. Now you’re a Mama w/ 3 kids of your own. Please know that we’re thinking of you & Lydia often. Keep us posted.

    Love, Colette, Jeff, Drew, Vivi & Nanny

  126. Stephanie Graves Says:

    Hello from P’cola!! So glad to read that everything worked out for the flight. I was up last night at 2am praying for you all. When Lydia gets older you need to tell her that her “Aunt” Steph likes her sleep so she needs to take it easy on me!!! I know that the Holy Spirit has me up at all these odd times cause I need my beauty sleep! Haha!! We are still praying in P’cola. Our God is SOOOOOO Big!!!!!! We send our love to all the family.

    Love Steph, Brian and Evan

  127. JoMarie Follin Ferrell Says:

    Hey Cousin Liz.
    We’re all still praying and keeping hope alive. We love you all. Stay strong.

    JoMarie, Keith, Jacob, and Jeremy

  128. Pam Saunier Says:

    Hey Liz, Dave and Lydia,
    We wanted you to know that we have been keeping up with Lydia’s progress and have been praying for you guys.

    We believe that God has a plan for each of us and He is using you all in a very large and mighty way to challenge and encourage the rest of us.

    I know that you have a lot of tough roads ahead, but God has a purpose for your sweet little girl and He’ll get you through it all.

    Eddie, Pam, Shelby & Gracie Saunier

  129. Jane Cash Says:

    Hello! Am so glad you all are there and the transition has been seamless…love you all…Jane

  130. I am so glad you made it to Seattle. You are constantly in my prayers. God will continue to strengthen you and give you wisdom.

  131. Jeff Milam Says:

    Bob Parker (my best friend) told me that he is the neighbor to Lydia’s grandparents business in Homewood. What a small world. I am glad that Joey gave me one of the prayer bands for Lydia. They actually work very well to remind me to pray for peace and strength for you guys. Ya’ll were good passengers and I hope that the crackers in the Indiana airport settled your queasyiness. May the Lord continue to bless you & your family. Give little miss Lydia
    a hug & kiss for me. In Christ, Jeff

  132. Mimsy Says:

    Jeff, thank you so much for the safe trip; you are a wonderful pilot! We appreciate your giving your time and expertise to get Lydia on her way–and especially for keeping Little Miss in your prayers. Blessings, Carolyn Brown (grandmother)

  133. Bethany Heron Says:

    I am thinking of you and missing you. Believing God in Lydia’s complete healing !!!
    Love you Miss Bethany

  134. Becky Davis Says:

    My husband Eric knew Dave back at MTSU. (I heard about Lydia from Mandy Ray.) I just wanted to let you all know your family is in my prayers. I am amazed at your famiy’s strength and faith and trust in God. I will pray for continued strength for your little girl. She is truly an inspiration.

    ~Becky Davis

  135. Fran Drake Says:

    I’ve been updated by Beth who is on my Disaster Preparedness Team.
    I have Lydia on my prayer list and know she is in God’s hands and everything is going to come out just fine. Give her a big hug from me.bless your time in Seattle.

  136. Rebecca Krueger Says:

    We are praying for you guys!!! We know that God is creating beautiful masterpieces in each of you through this trial!!

    He is orchestrating every detail & I know He is with you always!

    We will continue to pray as you prepare for the transplant!
    Rebecca, Randy, Megan & Emma

  137. Chelly Dykes Says:

    Hey Liz-just a quick note from Children’s in Birmingham. I miss seeing you guys but am glad that Lydia is getting started out in Seattle. Know that you guys are loved and missed. We are praying for your whole family and look forward to seeing Lydia after she comes back.

  138. Tasha Wilson Says:

    I was a student and work study of teacher at Bevill State CC when I heard about Lydia. It was heartbreaking to hear of such a young infant having to go through all she has gone through. I have told everyone I know about your family’s situation. I ask them to be praying for Lydia to be cured, and to give your family strength you all need to get through this very difficult time. I am very excited for you all, to hear she is in remission, and I will continue to pray she stays in remission.

    God Bless Your Family, Tasha Wilson

  139. Kris Kujawa Says:

    I work with a caring lady by the name of Gail who told me about Lydia. Lydia and the family has been in my prayers, and this latest report is a big PRAISE GOD !! May the Holy Spirit shower you with his comfort and mercy through these long hard days. Dwell in that ‘secret place’ of Psalm 91. Blessings on your day, and may Jesus place Lydia on his healing list. AMEN

  140. Stephanie Graves Says:

    We were so glad to hear the great news and will keep praying for a complete lifetime healing. You all are such an awesome example of how Christians should respond in time of crisis. I have been able to share your story to many who normally would be hard to tell about God’s love and faithfulness. So know that your trial has already helped spread God’s love. We love you all and will keep praying in P’cola.

    Steph, Brian and Evan

  141. Pretty Woman Says:

    Hey guys, I am praying for Lydia and believing that all is well. I am happy to know that your stay in Seattle is going good. I was sitting here so early in the morning thinking about Lydia’s wonderful smile and thanking God for such a blessing. She is such a strong little baby who has blessed so many lives. I pray that God continues to place his angels of protection around her. Liz and David I love you guys and when you come back home I have a little news of my own to share with you! Be good and hope to see you soon!

  142. Stephanie Graves Says:

    Yesterday I was shopping (imagine that) and I heard Sweet Home Alabama and immediately thought of you all. I stopped and said a prayer for you all. We love you all and hope to see you soon. As always still praying in P’cola.

    Steph,Brian and Evan

  143. Ronny Moore Says:

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and baby Lydia. That is how we know her around here at the church. Not that it is important but I am the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Oxford and Ms. Linda Pugh help to keep us informed. I have read some of the updates and will pass them on to the church for prayer. Know that we are praying and will keep in touch. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

    P.S. I know it is difficult but keep placing Lydia in the Lord’s lap.

  144. Bethany Heron Says:

    Missing you and my sweet baby girl. I continue to pray for the Lord’s strength and comfort. Know we are thinking of you and waiting anxiously for God’s complete healing for Lydia !!
    hugs and kisses.
    Miss Bethany

  145. Jane Cash Says:

    Hello, Liz…thanks for taking the time to update. I stop by this site routinely each day, always anxious to hear from you. Lydia (and your family) continue to be lifted up in prayer daily. I love you. Jane

  146. Walk Jones Says:

    Members of Northminster Presbyterian Church in Pensacola are praying for you-all.


  147. Nancy Says:

    Hi Liz!

    I’m sick as can be, but I hope to be better soon and when healthy, would love to come visit you and Lydia if possible. Until then, I’m praying for you!

    Love, Nancy

  148. Tawnya Nettles Says:

    Liz, Lydia and Tom,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your bright Presence with me during our meeting at Children’s Hospital on Thursday. Please update us when you can and know that we are with you, if not in physical proximity, certainly in Heart and prayer.
    “…and a child shall lead them all…”

    Wishing you love and Peace in all of life’s unfoldment

  149. Amanda, Amber Schaefer Says:

    Dear Lizzie,

    We all hope that its going good and we all pray that everything goes well.
    Just wanted to let you know that were all thinking about you guys and we wanted to wish you a happy mother’s day!!!
    From your northern cousins,
    Amanda,Amber Schaefer!

  150. Jane Cash Says:

    Hello, Liz. Have marked the days on my calendar…praying that each will go as planned and that Lydia’s body will respond immediately…that she will be as pain free as possible…

    Know you are loved…Happy mother’s day. Jane

  151. Cammy Says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thinking of you all as Lydia’s re-birthday gets closer! Hope you had a peaceful and joyous Mother’s Day yesterday! Sending tons of prayers.

    Cammy – Laken & Nigel’s Mom

  152. Rebecca Krueger Says:

    We are praying, especially as the 16th approaches!!!!!!!

  153. Jill Bratcher Says:

    Hey Liz. I am so glad that Lydia still feels like eating and playing. What a blessing! I miss you guys so much and think about you so often. I’m sorry I don’t send messages very often, I just never have time to get on the internet very much. You guys are still in my prayers and I will be lifting up more and more prayers as the time gets closer. If you have a minute, will you email me a mailing address for you guys, or text it to me. I love you!!! I am so happy you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

    P.S. I know that there are some wonderful nurses there, and i am grateful for that, but they’d better not take all my lovin’ from Lydia!!

  154. CanCan Says:

    Hey guys. I’m praying for you and I’m also trying to communicate with my friends overseas to find some contacts in Seattle to come hold your hands up.
    The new pictures of Lydia are BEAUTIFUL. She looks so vivacious…no wonder the doctors are amazed at her! She is a little miracle!

  155. Catherine from 4Tower Says:

    Catherine and Amie love you and miss you!
    We adore the pictures you have up here. I hope you will leave them up…my mom likes to drop by and check on Lydia too 🙂
    We are praying for you and will have special prayers on Friday. I think about you guys all the time and am so happy to know that Lydia is still going strong. I just know she will continue to be a fighter! Liz, you are also incredible for hanging strong. I am so glad you were able to see your family for Mother’s Day. Please take care of yourself and sweet baby Lydia!
    Catherine and Amie

  156. Cammy Says:

    Hi Liz,

    Lydia is sooooo beautiful! Now I have current pics to put a face to your voices now. I’m ever so thankful to God that you got to spend some times with your boys on Mother’s Day too.

    Of course, I cling to and read with interest your words of the other infant Survivor. How wonderful! We need to hear more of those stories, why are they so hard to find, I know they are out there!

    Well, I had better go. You and Lydia are especially in my prayers now. Our hugs go out to you so much. Stay strong sweet Lydia, your re-Birthday and earthly cure is almost here!

    Cammy – Laken & Nigel’s Mom

  157. Leslie Camp Says:


    I am a friend of Katherine Hilton’s in Marietta, GA. She has kept me posted on sweet little Lydia and I have been praying for you all since December. I loved the pictures, it is so good to see the faces of the people I’ve been praying for!

    Your faith is such an inspiration to me. I tear up when I try to imagine the pain that you and Lydia and the whole family have been through, but I can’t help but get excited to think of all that God is doing in your lives-and I don’t even know you! I just know our God!

    I pray daily that you would continue to remember and remain convinced that our God is so good, all the time. He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you! He is conforming you to his image and it shows! Everyone who has read your blog has seen the face of God!


  158. Leah Mena Says:

    Hi Liz and baby Lydia! The pics are beautiful. Waking up to her smiling face has made my day. I continue to think of you and lift you up in daily prayers! Thanks be to God!
    Much love and abundant blessings!
    Leah Mena

  159. John Fritze Says:

    Hi Liz,

    I have been keeping up with Lydia and you through your Dad, I am so happy your Dad sent me this blog so I can keep up with precious Lydia’s progress and yours!
    My continued prayers are with baby Lydia and your entire the family.


    Mr Fritze

  160. danny Says:

    Hi Liz,
    great photos! you are both beautiful! Marg and I look forward to seeing you all again. Many prayers are lifted here on your behalf, and will continue until Lydia is healed.


  161. Caroline Grant Says:

    Hey Liz-

    The Grant family is thinking about you all and praying for you guys. The kids ask about Lydia all the time. I am so glad that Lydia has tolerated the treatments so well so far! We miss you but we are happy to hear how warmly Seattle welcomed you and Lydia!


  162. Debbie Fritze Says:

    Dear Liz,

    Lydia is absolutely beautiful. You are truly amazing and so is Lydia. Your Dad has always been there for us through happy times and sad.
    Your faith and God’s love will pull all of you through this. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

    With love and admiration for you,

    Mrs. Fritze

  163. Allison Bonds Says:

    Liz and David,

    The pictures of Liz and Lydia made a big grin come across my face. I love all of you very much. I have been praying for y’all and so have our students at Auburn. We know our Lord is faithful! Prayerfully, your brother in Jesus,


  164. Jan Graver Says:

    Dear Liz, I am Debbie Fritze’s sister-in-law, and have also met your Dad. We will be praying for your beautiful daughter.
    Love & Light, Jan

  165. Joni Darnell Says:

    Praise God for His amazing presence with you and Lydia! Seeing you cling to Him and His faithfulness to you is beyond words. You are proof that His Light shines even in dark places. You are continually in our prayers.

    Love, Joni

  166. Christy Satterlee Says:

    Greetings to the Schuster family! I helped work on the search for a great cord blood for Lydia, (Judy started the search – it was a team effort!). I was my privilege to meet you and your absolutely lovely little girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I’m glad that she is doing so well!

    Christy Satterlee, CHTC
    Manager Unrelated Donor Program – SCCA

  167. Pat Edwards Says:

    just wanted to let you know that your Dad has been sending me the updates and I sure appreciate it.
    Our prayers are with you constantly and I know sweet Lydia will get through this.
    May the peace of the Lord be with all of you.
    your cousin Pat

  168. Angela Huh Says:

    I can’t stop thinking about Lydia ever since I left the Childre’s Hospital. She is so precious. We are praying for her everynight, even little Ethan gathers up his hands to pray when I start to say “Father”. I know exactly what you are going through and that is why my heart goes out to you even more. Be strong! Our God is good.

  169. LIZ!!!
    I am sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my cheeks! I have been reading Lydia’s updates through the gracevine, and am SO happy to hear good things today! The pictures are amazing, and you both look beautiful!
    I love and miss you, and continue to pray for sweet Lydia. Will not cease to think of you, pray for you, and hope with you!
    Michelle Jeffcoat

  170. unkle Go Says:

    hello lizard hope things are going as well as they can right now. just wanted to tell you guys hello and love ya the dave and the boys for me. ow and sally too, and baby too of course. It is a good thing she is a stubborn Schuster that means she will not give up as we already know cant wait to see you guys. (I am working on the old man trying to get him ready to take time off so we come out some time I hope) well I just wanted to say hello and all that good stuff and let you know I am always thinking about my family.

  171. Jennifer Miller Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that our Sunday School Class (The Explorers) has been praying for you and your family for a while now. It was so great to see some pictures of the beautiful baby girl that we have heard so much about! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.


  172. Stephanie Graves Says:

    I was at work and the movie Sweet Home Alabama came on (yes we have a TV at work). The amazing thing is normally we only get the PBS station. Isn’t God funny he made that station come in for a brief moment just for that movie to remind me of you all. I prayed right then as I felt something big was going on. Just know that the Lord has the right people in the right place set to intercede for you all. We are believing for a miracle. I am so glad that you all got to be together for Mother’s Day. How awesome– we are Moms. Isn’t it the best!!! We love you all.

    Steph, Brian and Evan

  173. Kimberly Fritze Says:

    Dear Liz,

    You and your family are truely wonderful people. My dad has kept me updated as your dad updates him and I’m so happy to hear Lydia is doing a little better. My thoughts and prays go out to you and your faimly.

    Kim Fritze

  174. jo kittinger Says:

    Hi Liz and Lydia,
    I was happy to read your great report and to see the beautiful pictures:) How great, too, that your boys were able to visit for Mother’s Day. I’m praying that soon Lydia will be the survivor that is encouraging others. I know that God is already using you in so many ways, and I feel that He will further use you and Lydia down the road to offer hope and encouragment to others.

  175. Aunt Helen Says:

    Liz and David — You and your little family are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. The pictures of Lydia are adorable and she seems to be such a happy little girl. Your Florida family will be praying that all goes well tomorrow with her surgery. May Jesus have his arms around you through the day – and always. Much love, Aunt Helen

  176. Nancy Says:

    Hi Liz!

    I love the pictures- she is beautiful. I’m glad she’s doing so well, and we’ll keep praying. Can you have visitors? I’m over my cold and would love to come and see if you possible.

    Glad we’re having some Seattle sunshine too!

    Love, Nancy

  177. JoMarie & family Says:

    We’re all still prayin’ for ya!!! I love the pictures. God Bless ya!

    Your cousin,

    Jo Marie

  178. I”m so glad you had a great Mother’s Day. How wonderful to be surrounded by all your children on that very special day. I love the pictures you posted! I will be keeping Lydia’s sweet face in my mind as I pray for her.

    Praying that transplant day goes well and that those new cells will totally heal her body. I think about you daily.

  179. Cammy Says:

    Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy RE-BIRTHDAY sweet Lydia, HAPPY RE-BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

    Cammy – Laken & Nigel’s Mom

  180. Liz,
    I am so sorry I have not left a message lately- everytime I go to write one something happens and I am torn away from the computer. I have been praying for Lydia and I am grateful to hear how God is strengthening you and holding Lydia in His powerful and loving hands. Please read Isaiah 43:1-5- I may have given it to you before- read it again and again- it has helped me and Mary Evelyn so much. I will continue to pray for you and let me know if there is anything I can do for you. email-
    God bless you,
    Alison Psalm 103:1-3

  181. Kim Parmley Says:

    Every time I hear an update I am overcome with the vision of God with his arms wrapped around you guys, holding you tight and pouring out his love and healing all around you. You are such a witness to his strength and love. You guys are consistently in our thoughts and prayers. You are an amazing Mom. And Lydia is an amazing little girl. We cant wait to have you guys back in Sweet Home Alabama.
    God Bless,

  182. Jill Bratcher Says:

    Hey Liz. I was just thinking about you and wanted to see how things are going. I am keeping Lydia in my prayers very frequently. I am so thankful everything has gone well so far. I am so sorry she is in pain with the mucositis. It’s terrible on these kids. I will pray for that to subside quickly so she can get back to those bottles!!! It took a lot of hard work to get her on those things! 🙂 I love you guys and miss you so much. Please call if you need anything at all.

  183. Stephanie Graves Says:

    We are praying specifically for Lydia’s body to accept the transplant as if it were her own. I love the red “flower” on the picture-tell her she is wearing my favorite color. Red is the power color!!! By his stripes we were healed. We are speaking out for Lydia’s complete healing. We love you!!

    Steph, Brian and Evan

  184. Tia Fritze Says:


    Lydia is absolutely beautiful.
    There isnt a doubt in my mind that Lydia’s an angel sent down to provide us all very special gifts, understanding, compassion, hope and faith. These gifts are sometimes not easy to find within ourselves. Lydia, yourself and your family are in my hearts and my prayers. Although we may not be sure why or we may be confused now but it’s important to remember God has a plan for us all. My family and I love you all very much!

    With all my heart,
    Tia Fritze

  185. Amy Vandiver Says:

    Yay! I am so happy that Lydia is doing better than anticipated. That is wonderful news! We miss you here in Birmingham. Abby goes in for treatment today. I will make sure everyone knows your latest update.

    Love you girls!
    Amy & Abby

  186. Ginger Dyer Says:


    Your updates are so positive, even during the times when you have reason to be down. It’s obvious through your writings that the Lord is absolutely holding you in His hands during this journey. You are such a light for Him!!

    LOVE the precious pictures!!! Words just can’t describe it!!
    Praying for ya’ll!!

  187. Bethany Heron Says:

    Praying for Lydia and missing you all a whole bunch. Glad things are going well so far. Believing God for complete healing !! Also sending you prayers for strength and courage.
    Love you,
    Miss Bethany

  188. Stephanie Graves Says:

    Evan and I prayed for Lydia this morning. How awesome for the little ones to develop such a faith that will follow them their whole lives. We love you all and will keep Lydia at the top of our prayers especially the next few weeks.

    Stephanie, Brian and Evan

  189. Catherine from 4Tower Says:

    Amie and Catherine say hello and WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!
    We are glad to hear she is doing better and not so overloaded. Lydia is always acknowledged in our ‘Prayers for the People’ at church. I just know that good things are in store for you, Lydia, and your family!
    We miss you guys and think about you ALL THE TIME!
    Catherine and Amie

  190. Jill Bratcher Says:

    Hey Liz. I really should be sleeping since it is 1 a.m. and I have to work tomorrow, but Lydia was on my mind and I just wanted to check her latest update and let you know that I am praying for her. You are so strong, and God is moving in so many people right now because of you and your incredible, enormous faith. You are such an inspiration to me. I love you guys and miss you so much. Always know that I am just a phone call away and I am lifting you guys up to our amazing Lord. Love you.

  191. Netti and Rick Says:

    Hi Liz and David,
    Although I haven’t signed in before now, I have been keeping up with Lydia’s journey and keep you all in prayer. You are an amazing witness to all who read your entries about Lydia. What a blessed little girl to have such beautiful parents who never lose sight of Almighty God…and He is a mighty God and a God of miracles. Your precious little girl is absolutely beautiful!!
    Always in our thoughts and prayers, luv Net and Rick.

  192. Dr.Simpson Says:

    We continue to pray for Lydia!

    Dr. Simpson & Staff of Vestavia Pediatrics

  193. LIZ !
    I wish I’d been in touch before now ! Just Know Northminster’s Prayer Group has been urgently praying ever since Lucia gave us the news ! All of you are in our prayers daily. What a witness you are & your faith is SOOOO ispirational ! God knew what he was doing giving care of little Lydia to you two! And Carolyn … we are remembering her fondly & praying for her too. I’ve wondered if you’ve heard from Wiggers or Nortons, there in Seattle. Know we are
    beeseeching God’s continual care for all of you. Thanks for your wonderful blog !
    LOVE & PRAYERS, Barbara Overholt

  194. Kandie Watt Says:

    Dear Liz: I am in Mapleton and learned of Lydia’s diagnosis from your mom. First I want to say that your daughter is beautiful and I empathize with what you are going through. I have a 23 year old son who is a 2 time ALL survivor. I understand about the ANC and remember the days of praying it continue to rise so he could get his next round of chemo. I’m happy to hear hers is improving 🙂 There is hope in medicine and there is power in prayer! I turned my son over to God each day and that eased my sense of powerlessness tremendously. Your journals are inspirational and are testiment to Gods power to heal all of us. My son has a joy for life today that only those who have surivived can understand…Lydia too will have that joy and carry it with her each day. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  195. Liz,
    Thank you for your message- I am so happy to hear from you. I am praying for you and Lydia daily. I am so glad that she is getting stronger everyday. It is awesome to hear that her counts are continuing to rise. I am so blessed to know you and your faith keeps me going. Stay strong and let me know if you need anything.

  196. Christine Harris Says:

    Liz, just checking in to let you know that however grumpy you are feeling, you have amazed me with your strength and hopefulness throughout Lydia’s illness. You’re doing such an amazing job as a mother and a human being!

    I’m thrilled that Lydia’s counts are doing so well and I’ll continue to pray for you all!

  197. Liz, I completely understand the grumpy feelings. I often get the same way when we are inpatient with Ethan for extended periods. And I understand the exhaustion you feel and the disconnect you experience from the Lord during those times. But, it’s in those times that I rest my mind and don’t worry because I know others are praying and pleading on my behalf before the Lord. So tonight and the rest of this week be reminded of that fact because others are praying for you as well. Rest easy and feel comforted knowing that others are in this journey with you. Hugs from Connecticut!

  198. Jaime Wood Says:

    I know I haven’t seen you guys since MTSU, but my thoughts are with you. I wish the best of luck to you, David, and little Lydia.

  199. huntsouth Says:

    I was impatient to see an update about Lydia and am so glad to see that see continues to improve. As our little friend, Ethan Krawiec, prepares to soon go through a bone marrow transplant, by God’s grace, it’s an encouragement to see the way that you’ve walked through your trial. People whom you don’t know care about you and have prayed for you. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently. He can carry your burdens with ease. And He loves you all. Amy Hunt

  200. Mary Mary Grace Grace Says:

    Hey Dolls, (and David too ; )
    I just wanted to drop in to let you guys know that we are all praying for you and miss you. Liz, your blogs are so honest and well written… and I love it.
    I read Sally’s blog today and oh how I miss that CRAZY girl. The kids are doing well and David and I are both taking summer classes. BTW, I can’t think of anything in particular that you don’t have taken care of, but if you need anything, ANYTHING, let us know.
    love you guys.

  201. Tamara Mayhall Says:

    Liz (and all the rest of you),
    We are all so happy that Lydia is doing so well. She is our little miracle baby! I can’t even begin to imagine the level of exhaustion you are feeling, but you can be assured that I am praying specifically about that. And I know you know that even if you don’t hear God loud and clear some days, He’s still there quietly holding you up. Know, too, that he is speaking to all the rest of us through you and Lydia all the time! You are all an amazing picture and source of hope and faith in the Creator and Sustainer of life! We love you! And I miss you!! Can’t wait til you can all make it back down south again! 🙂 Love, Tam

  202. Joni Darnell Says:

    Liz, Praise God Lydia is doing well! I wait to get emails to hear of how you girls are doing. But I do love hearing how you are “really” doing, your transparency is so awesome. It can be so difficult not feeling the Lord, especially in tough times; but you are doing so amazing. The Lord is so proud of you – I can hear Him bragging right now to Gabriel, as He looks down on you – His precious Daughter. And like you said, it is wonderful to be able to rest in His love and compassion for He not only knows our frame but has walked this draining, treacherous life. He is FULL of compassion and understanding. And He is experiencing everything with you, through you, each step along the way. We will keep in you our prayers and can’t wait to see you soon!

    Love ~ Joni

  203. Chadwick Stogner Says:

    Liz, Just wanted you to know that we (including Jon Fielding) have been continuing to lift up Lydia and your family. I will be praying for your exhaustion because I know that hospital schedule is a rough one. It does make me smile though that Lydia is feeling well enough to play hard in the middle of the night. We miss you and love you. Julie

  204. Linda Farris Says:

    Hi Liz!
    I’ve been missing you and Lydia a lot recently. I was able to get an update on you both from Tamara last week. I am so thankful that the transplant has gone so well and that Lydia’s numbers came up much more quickly than the doctors had believed they would. She said that they even encourage you to walk in the halls together! What a welcome change.

    Just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for Lydia and your entire family. I pray that you will experience the Lord’s presence in a real and powerful way as you go through each day.

    Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning: great is Your faithfulness. (Lam. 3:22-23)

    Blessings on you, dear one,

  205. Kim Says:

    We think about you guys all the time! The pic of Liz and Lydia is our computer and phone screen savers. Your family’s strength and smiles are really inspiring. We’re always available to you if there’s anything you need. Love, Kim and Will

  206. Miki Parker Says:

    Hey Liz!

    I am glad to hear Lydia is doing good. I have thought about you a lot! Reading your posts makes me remember how lost I felt when Carly was at her worst. It’s just so hard. You are a tough cookie and such an inspiration to me.

    How is Seattle? I know it is SO far from home, but know that coming home will be so sweet. It is very hard to appreciate each moment, I agree. Some days just seem so dark and desperate. I was there once. But I know Lydia will be ok. We are all praying for you and for her and your family.

    I wish I was there to hug you. Know that we love you! Keep in touch! Miki, Scott, Carly and Ava Parker

  207. Ed Kaylor Says:

    Just want to let you know we are staying up on your journey and praying also. Can only imagine your weariness. Father – touch Liz today in your own special way. And please continue to hold Lydia!

  208. Catherine Ray (4 Tower) Says:

    Hi Schusters!
    I really miss that sweet precious baby! Liz, I am telling you, I have so much faith that Lydia will be okay. I just know it in my heart, I really do. Both of you and your family have been absolutely amazing for Lydia. I am so happy to hear that Lydia is doing so well. She is–you guessed it–amazing!
    Is there any way you could email me your address up there? You are probably too busy, and I promise I understand. If however you find a spare moment, my email address is
    Love to you both and sweet Lydia,
    Catherine from 4Tower

  209. Jane Cash Says:

    Liz…Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated. You write so well and I feel as if I were there with you. I do so pray for healing for Lydia, rest and peace for you. You have got to be weary…I love you and am here for you…

    A bit of news from this end…Thomas and Jess have found out they are having a boy…! Of course we are all suggesting names–not that they are paying any attention to them!

  210. Always rely on God no matter what you are going through. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain move and it will move. Put your faith in him and he will lead you through this. God loves you with all his heart and will watch over you and Lydia. Never give up on God. For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord plans to prosper you not to harm you. If you need anything at all email my dad. We can do anything to help. God is with you all the time! His love endures forever!! God Bless You!!!

  211. Greetings from Cornwall. Just wanted you to know that we at home and at our Thursday Bible Study ARE still praying for you and your family.Give your boys a big hug from the neighbors next door.

  212. Catherine from 4Tower Says:

    Hi Schusters!
    Just wanted to say hello and send you some love!
    Have a great day tomorrow and tell Lydia we miss her soooooooo much!

  213. Josie Ritter Says:

    Hi Liz and beautiful baby Lydia,
    So nice to see you today. We have been thinking about you and telling everyone we know how amazing Lydia is (you too Liz). I am so happy to have met you yesterday in the elevator. I believe it was meant to happen… and then to find out you are in the same BMT apartment as we were in exactly one year ago is just too much of a coincedence.
    Keep up the good work, remember to use your heart of hope stone and keep in touch!!

  214. Rhonda Smith Says:

    Hey Liz, I am so glad that Lydia is doing so well post her transplant. I miss you all! Take care and I will see you soon. Rhonda

  215. Jane Cash Says:

    Hello, Liz…Am praying for a wonderful biopsy report and that Lydia will respond well to the sedation. You are a wonderful mother and nurse…What a proactive approach…I love you. Jane

  216. Catherine on 4Tower Says:

    Hi Liz, family, and Lydia!
    I just read yesterday’s post so I am anxious for the next one! I know that precious Lydia will be okay. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love to you all!

  217. Hey Liz! That’s so great about Lydia taking her bottle. I pray that she will continue to eat and that the excess fluid will resolve soon. It sounds like you are on the wildest, scariest roller coaster ride of all time and I know you are so ready to get off. We will continue to keep your entire family in our prayers.

  218. Emil George Shapach Says:

    Dear Dave & Liz
    It has been a long time, not sure if you remember me. I came across this site and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  219. uncle Go Says:

    hello Lizard it is good to hear that Lydia (AKA Baby) is eating and still playing when she feels good that is great. Miss seeing everyone just wanted to say hello and tell yall that ive been thinking about yall. tell the boys hello for me and baby of course ow and i guess Davie too

  220. Ginger Dyer Says:


    I’ve been a terrible friend in that I haven’t communicated with you very much. Rest assured that I’ve been praying for Lydia, you & your entire family fervently. I wish I could do more.

    I keep meeting folks who know you, Ms. Popular! 🙂
    Robin Abel is in Mere’s Kindermusik class this summer. We have missed the last 2 classes due to vacation & VBS, but looking foward to seeing her & her little boy again next week! He’s adorable!

    Praising the Lord for no feeding tube for Miss Lydia!! Any thoughts/plans on coming home? Praying hard for NO leukemia cells lurking around. Do you have a snail mail address at the hospital or RMHouse? If so, could you email it to me?!
    Much love,

  221. Wendy Wirths Says:

    Dear Lizzie,
    I met your mom Carolyn recently and we clicked as happens when the Lord makes a match ! She and Ron own a house next door to a friend of mine in Florence.

    I’ve been praying for you and your precious bundle ( as well as her brothers and daddy ) ever since I heard about her. I feel as if I know you . She’s like the world’s baby ! God has given her a star quality that keeps her on everyone’s mind and heart ! And isn’t that absolutely amazing ?!

    With love,
    Wendy Wirths

  222. Stacie Brooks Says:

    Liz, you are a beautiful testimony to me. Thank you. Steve, the kids and I pray for God to heal baby Lydia every night. Keep up the fight. We love you, Stacie

  223. Catherine from 4Tower Says:

    Hi Liz, Lydia, and family!
    I just had to check on baby Lydia. Everything sounds good, which is great! I am in India right now. I have talked w/ your mom via email some, which has been helpful. Being here makes me even more thankful to be American! I am anxious to hear the results from the BMA, so I will check back later. I hope you are resting well. Take care and know that I am praying for you!

  224. Teresa/Annah Says:

    Liz / Lydia

    thanks for the website.
    I’m so glad that your little lydia is doing better, and she might go home soon..
    thats so awesome.
    I will keep you in my prayers

  225. Charlee & Diana Ruhl & Linda Alexander Says:

    Hi Liz & Lydia!
    I’m glad things sound like they are going so well! She is a wonderful little girl with the most precious smile! We are looking forward to your return to RMH, maybe we will get a chance to see you now and then. Blessings to you all! We are praying for all of the children here at RMH.
    Charlee & Diana Ruhl, Linda Alexander

  226. Louise Rose Says:

    I am Kathy Byington’s mother and live in the Seattle area. We had dinner a few nights ago with one of the staff people at Ronald MacDonald House and heard of the groups who come in to prepare meals. Some of the groups are the local native americans who typically prepare salmon – their way! If one of these occurs while you are here, try to go. This is salmon season. This salmon is not readily available in Birmingham! We have been watching your blog for several months and have passed the information to our church.

  227. jane Cash Says:

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!! That is wonderful news! I forwarded this site to Mary and Thomas…we are all praying for you and yours! Love you…Jane

  228. judy Says:

    God is still in the miracle business – praises to His glory.

  229. Sharon Curry Says:

    Thank you all for sharing God’s miracles with us. Your faithfulness strength has been such an amazing testament of God’s faithfulness and strength. Blessings to all of you.

  230. shari Says:

    What a joyful time for your family! Thanks be to our God who is so faithful and true. HC and I are praying for you this morning as you begin life “at home” again. Praying for your peace and confidence in caring for Lydia and the boys. Lots of love to you, Shari

  231. ephanie Says:

    Liz, David, and Lydia-
    I got here today and you guys were gone. Which is good and I am Soooo… happy for you. Yeah for some more family time 🙂 I will keep you guys in my thoughts.

  232. Stephanie Says:

    I just realized that the guestbook cut off the St in my name so I was ephanie. Well I guess that is good for a couple laughs and laughs are good 🙂

  233. Caroline Grant Says:

    Hey Liz-

    We are so glad to hear all the good news. We rejoice with you and your family. Julia still prays for Lydia every night and her prayers always include that Lydia come back to Birmingham well and very soon! We look forward to that day!


  234. Tammy Brush Says:

    I cannot tell you how excited and encouraged we are at the Brush Household. I am keeping Lydia’s pink hippo float in good condition for her. We miss you and love you.


  235. Margaret Says:

    We are so excited about the wonderful news!
    Lydia’s pictures shine with her mom’s beauty and God’s grace! We will continue to pray for all of you; miss you & look forward to seeing you before long!
    Love you, Margaret & Danny

  236. David and MG Says:

    Hey Guys,
    We love you and we miss you and we’re thankful that y’all are doing so well and that the cancer is in remission. It great to hear that your nurses have been wonderful. The kids really miss y’all and we pray for you every night. We are looking forward to seeing y’all soon. Yea God!
    Much Love,
    David, MG, Miriam and Elias

  237. CanCan Says:

    I can’t believe this journey! God is so good.

  238. Tamara Mayhall Says:

    Woo-hoo yippee-doo! I am so grateful to God and so overwhelmed by His POWER and LOVE!!! You have all been such a blessing to us and to sooooooo many others. It is amazing to me how many lives have been touched in countless ways through Lydia. Anyway, we continue to pray for you all every day. We miss you and can’t wait to see you back here!
    Tamara, Tim, Thomas, and Foster

  239. Your message on June 28th about packing and goodbyes was sooooo wonderful to read. I was ready to go out and shout to the world.Called David’s brother and was told that the home is Ronald Mcdonald house, at lease all your family is together. Our Thursday bible study is out for the summer but they have strick instructions to keep the prayer line open. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. KEEP THE FAITH.

  240. Stephanie Graves Says:

    Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I have been dealing with a minor family crisis. I have been keeping up with everything and am shouting from the roof tops–How great is our GOD!!!! I know that you all must be overwhelmed with all that is going on and the challenges that are before you, but one step at a time is all you need to take. We are still praying for a continued healing and peace in that. We Love You All and continue to expect great news.

    Love Steph, Brian and Evan

  241. Brooke Says:

    Just wanted to say I loved the few days I was your nurse! Loved chatting with you, Liz, and holding your gorgeous girl! Come by and visit us before you leave for good, k? Ya’ll are in my prayers!

  242. Rebecca Says:

    Emma & I have been gone with her Jr High group to camp this week! We are so glad to hear that sweet Lydia is in remission & that you guys have gotten the all clear to go to your “home away from home” & be a family!

    We continue to lift you up & rejoice with you in how God is working this for good in your lives & the lives of those around you!!!

    Cant wait to hear how life is on the “outside”! 🙂

  243. Pamela Kaylor Says:


  244. May God bless you and your family

  245. Mary Pierce Says:

    I finally found y’all! I’ve been looking for weeks for your site, and stumbled across it tonight. My husband, Paul, and I took care of Lydia in Seattle. We’re the traveling RTs from Louisiana? I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been praying for your family- what a blessed family it is! Since we’ve been home, I’ve thought about Lydia daily and wondered how she was doing. And to see that you’re being “sprung” soon? Truly a miracle. God’s so good. I’m bookmarking the site so that I can keep up with you- please know that you touched a traveler’s heart, and will always be remembered!

  246. Netti Says:

    I was so excited to read your last entry….Prasie God! That is such amazing news and we are celebrating with you here is Australia:-) It is so wonderful to see answered prayer…if anyone lacked faith in God’s power to heal they just need to read your blog..what a beautiful testimony Lydia will have to share with the world! Liz I hope that you will be blessed with some well earned rest. Take care and know that we are all thinking of, and praying for you all.
    Lots of luv, Aussie hugs and kisses
    Netti and Rick xxxxx ooooo

  247. Steven Hicks Says:

    It is such an inspiration to read about another family’s faith in the midst of their trial. Keep your eyes focused on Christ and His glory and you can walk on water. My 2 year old daughter was dx with ALL on 5/1/2000. She went in to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham this week for her annual check-up. She is 5 years off-treatment. She has an amazing testimony of the love of God. We are praying for your family!

  248. Julie Says:

    Hey Liz!! It’s so good to hear how great Lydia is doing! I miss seeing those chubby cheeks and her infectious smile!! I can’t wait to see new pictures!! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and I hope things continue to go well! Hope to see you again soon!!!

    formerly of Clinic 8

  249. Catherine Ray (4 Tower) Says:

    Hi Liz and family!
    I just wanted to say hello and thank you so much for calling me the other night! It made my week, no kidding. I am so thankful that baby Lydia is doing so well. Your faith inspires me. I am lucky to know you and your family. Please know that I pray for you guys often! By the way–it’s raining cats and dogs here so your lawn is getting a nice shower! Take care and stay strong!

  250. Hi there. I just ran across a file that I had kept when Carolyn had ordered some onesies from us earlier this year. I had not checked back for a few months and am so glad that things seem to be going well for Lydia. Please know that Gail’s and my prayers continue to go out to her and your entire family. God is an awesome presence in all of our lives. May he continue to bless Lydia and your family. Please say hello to your Mom.

    Be well,

    Cheryl Creekmore
    Mandala Organics
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  251. Just thinking about you and the family. Hope to see all of you soon. It is so lonely looking out my kitchen window and not se the boys playing. Take care and GOD BLESS.

  252. Lois Says:

    Blogging for Blood Cancer Event – August 11-18

    Please consider joining our “Blogging for Blood Cancer” Event. The first annual “Blogging for Blood Cancer” event will take place from August 11-18, 2008. This first time event will bring bloggers from across the United States together to raise awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and its mission to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. More information on the event is available at:

    Your beautiful little girl will be in my prayers.

  253. Thinking about you today and hoping that all is going well.

  254. Catherine Ray White Says:

    Hi Schusters!!!!!
    I hope all is well w/ all of you. How is baby Lydia? I was just thinking about yall and wanted to say hello.
    Hope to see you soon soon soon,
    Catherine on 4Tower

  255. jo kittinger Says:

    Hi Liz!
    I hope the birthday party goes well! I can just picture those Teddy Bears around a cake:)
    Give the birthday boy a hug from me!
    Give Lydia TWO hugs and a kiss!
    We hope that you will all soon be home and back at SVCC! I miss you all!

  256. Sharon P Says:

    Liz and David, I love you guys so much and am praying for y’all and of course for sweet little Princess Lydia….Can’t believe Andrew is two!!!! Lots of hugs, Sharon

  257. Katherine Hilton Says:

    Liz, I just wanted to tell you that you guys are always in thought. Even when there’s not an update to provide in the service, your names usually come up at church. This morning Ed mentioned you as part of his sermon, and people are always asking about you all. People keep up with your blog posts that I put on the GraceVine, and they love knowing how you’re all doing and what to pray for. Keep the news coming! We love you all.

  258. Katherine Hilton Says:

    P.S. I love reading how people from all over the world that you’ve met since the diagnosis are praying for you and posting to your Guestbook!

  259. Michelle Blackwood Says:

    Liz, David, Lydia, and Boys,

    I go out and check your blog at least twice a week here at work during lunchtime. I am so thrilled to hear how well Miss Lydia is doing. All of you are in my prayers: for her healing, for treatment that is not painful for her, for the challenges you have with your family and in your marriage. We miss you at church, but you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.



  260. Just read your comment for today about Baby Lydia.Remember “WHO GIVES THE SUN FOR LIGHT BY DAY AND FIXED ORDER OF THE MOON AND THE STARS FOR LIGHT BY NIGHT, WHO STIRS UP THE SEA SO THAT ITS WAVES ROAR.THE LORD OF HOSTS IS HIS NAME.Put your faith in the Lord above and all will be well.The old GVHD or the old LEUKEMIA nor any of all those other yukies can control what GOD has for baby Lydia. Glad the boys are enjoying themselves.KEEP THE FAITH GOD LOVE ALL OF YOU AND SO DO We missed Andrew’s birthday because I could not get this stupid compuuuter to work right.Some more mispelled words , you should know what I mean.

  261. April Nakata Says:

    Hi Liz – I found your site. Yahoo! Here is our email address. Feel free to email any time. Great seeing you yesterday.


  262. Catherine Ray Says:

    Let me first say–I miss you guys!!!!! I love that your family goes to kite flying…that’s awesome! Lydia sounds like she is doing great. I can’t wait to hear how the most recent BM biopsy turns out. I am praying for you guys and think about you often. I can’t wait for you to return home home! Love to you all and please love on Lydia for me 🙂

  263. Ashley Says:

    Hey guys. I’ve been keeping up with you all through the gracevine but haven’t left a message yet. I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you all and we love you and can’t wait to see you. I’ve been in the little kids’ class at Shades a couple of times this summer, and it is so cool to see how all of the kids remember and want to pray for Lydia! We love you.

  264. Catherine Ray Says:

    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!!! Millions of prayers are being answered! Love to you all.

  265. Esther Vaughan Says:

    You and your family have been constantly in my prayers since Red Hamilton shared Lydia’s challenging story.
    Keep the marvelous faith, strength, and endurance as things are about to get better and better as you head for home, soon.
    Blessings on you – all.
    Hugs and love, Esther

  266. Katherine Hilton Says:

    It’s always a highlight of my day to see a new post on Little Leaps, regardless of whether it’s full of good news or is asking for prayer because of setbacks. It just makes me feel closer to you, like you aren’t all the way across the country. Like maybe you’re just downtown at Children’s in Birmingham! We are always praying for you and hoping for the very, very best for Lydia. The greatest news in your last post is that you might be home by Labor Day! WOW! That would be incredible. Take care and keep the updates coming … Love, Katherine

  267. Shae Says:

    Hey girl! I can’t believe you guys are getting to come home so soon – that is wonderful!! You and that sweet little girl are such an inspiration to all of us. We miss you, and can’t wait to see you all….Love, Shae

  268. Dotty Says:

    It is so so wonderful to hear how well Lydia is still doing and that you will be coming back home soon. Love and miss you. Dotty

  269. Anna Leigh Webb Says:


    I don’t know you and your sweet family personally, but please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. I am a friend of Katherine Hilton and she has continued to keep me posted about Lydia’s progress. May you continue to feel God’s presence with each and every passing moment in this journey. His grace is sufficient.

    All the best,
    Anna Leigh

  270. Amy Vandiver Says:

    SO glad you called tonight! I loved hearing the excitement in your voice as you talked about your life & coming home. We can’t wait to see you!

  271. Mary Garrigan Says:

    Hey Liz. we think of you guys often and are praying for strength for you. Remember, God hasn’t brought you this far to leave you here. You are such an encouragement to me. I’m so excited about seeing you guys when we’re back in B’ham in Oct. I’m going to tell you this again, because I want you to know that you know it: You’re are a great mother to all your children!!!!
    love you,
    Mary G.

  272. Greg Richter Says:

    I am praying for you guys every time I see an update. God bless.


  273. Sharon P Says:

    remembering Lydia chuckling that day in your kitchen still makes me smile…sending hugs and prayers….sharon p

  274. Ed Kaylor Says:

    Hi Liz

    Just want you to know we are all praying and I read each update and try to pray along with you. I can understand your feelings of separation from the body and you miss it. We are waiting for you to come “home”. Hang tough – you guys are the best.


  275. Walt Till Says:

    Hi Liz,

    I work with Katherine Hilton and she told me about your situation and your blog. My wife and I have been praying for you, Lydia and your family. The work God is doing is amazing. I feel blessed to have witnessed it through your family. We will continue to pray for you guys.


  276. Hardie Rogers Says:

    Good Morning, Liz and Lydia – This is your cousin, Hardie, from Florida. I am just totally taken over when I read about our sweet Lydia and I am ashamed of myself for ever griping about anything when I read of all that you and your family have been through. I admire your faith in our Lord and it makes me strive to be a better Christian and a better person. Please hang in there and give Lydia a kiss from her fantom cousin in Florida. God Bless.

  277. Lisa Says:

    Hi Liz,
    You and Lydia and your family are in my thoughts every day. Our thoughts. We look forward to seeing you again!

  278. Elizabeth Anne Henderson Says:

    Haven’t done this before, so hope it goes thru. I really hope you can feel all the love and support you have. David, I talked to your Dad the other day when we were in B’ham. He said your mom was there at that time. What a blessing in the midst of all this with Lydia that you can have family with you at times. I cannot imagine the loneliness that you must feel at times and the tiredness, but am so thankful that you do have the Lord to hold you up. Wish we could all be there to hold you up in some way. We love you all!!!Elizabeth Anne and Rory Henderson

  279. Judy Champ Says:

    The word of God is amplified by groups. You have a great big group of people behind you praying for Lydia and your family. All will be fine.
    God Bless,

  280. Vickie Oliver Says:

    Liz, Praying for you and Lydia and family. As a gentle reminder: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matt 6:33-34.

    Praying that this is a touch of acute GVHD to indicate the reduced of recurrence.

    Many blessings, Vicki

  281. Denise McClendon Says:

    It’s so exciting to think you will be home soon. The pictures of Lydia are so precious. My family continues to pray for all of your family. Denise

  282. Jena Says:

    Thank you for the reminder about the guestbook. The Starbucks story is SOOO cool.

    We will be praying for the GVHD. Francie and Calei still pray for Lydia every day and think of baby toys they no longer play with that they want to “give” her. During the children’s worship time before Godly Play yesterday, I asked if there were any prayer requests and at least three (young!) children asked to pray for Lydia. It was precious.

    Thank David for the great Photos. We can’t WAIT to see you Labor Day!


  283. Liz,
    Everyone here at Children’s in B’ham has been asking me how Lydia is doing! They are all so excited about her amazing progress!! She is such a sweet blessing and a gift. I loved seeing the photos of your family from Seattle that David shared. I miss you, and look forward to your return!!
    Michelle J

  284. Lane Lackey Says:

    Liz –
    So good to hear your updates and amazing faith. We are so excited that Lydia is doing well and your family is getting some time together AND that you get to come home soon! We look forward to seeing you.
    Lane Lackey

  285. Hailey Says:

    It’s AWESOME that Lydia is doing well. I cannot wait to see all of yall.

  286. Joni Darnell Says:

    I am continually amazed at your heart through all of this and your endurance – you are a testimony to God faithfulness! I am so excited you are planning to come home soon, and I loved the pictures you sent last week. We will continue to pray for sweet Lydia and your family!

    Love, Joni

  287. Rebecca Says:

    We love you all & cant wait to hear of your plans to come HOME! Please know that we continually keep you lifted up before the throne! Rest in His Everlasting Arms ~ HE will sustain you!!!!

  288. Lisa McBrayer Says:

    I miss seeing you all and am so excited about your return home! I loved the latest pictures too, by the way.

  289. Grace Says:

    I love you, Liz! I miss you and am so proud of you. What a woman you are. What a mom you are.
    I have loved seeing the pictures of you, David , Sally and the boys. Ya’ll are amazing.

    I love you.

  290. Pamela Kaylor Says:

    I rejoice that all things are moving forward and well, and excited to hear that you will be home soon. We miss you and will be so happy to see you Love PAM
    PS- The latest pictures of precious Lydia are adorable

  291. Ruth Mason Says:

    Hi Liz,
    Just wanted you to know that we continue to follow Lydia’s journey. We continue to keep her, the boys and you and David in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks to your Mom, we saw some beautiful birthday pictures of you and yours. Liz you are such an inspiration to so many people. We love yall and look forward to your return to AL!

  292. nancy Says:

    I miss you all and can’t wait to see you. I’ve loved the pictures and updates. You are dear!

  293. Karen R Says:

    I miss your smiling face–even when you’re smiling through tears. Just wanted to remind you I’m praying for you all EACH and EVERY DAY. It is just awesome to watch our God at work in your lives.

  294. April M Says:

    Although I don’t even know you and your family, I have come to know your story through this blog. I saw a church sign last night that reminded me of you and your tremendous faith during your time of struggle. It read “Don’t tell God how big the storm is. Tell the storm how big God is.” Keep the faith!

  295. Julie Stogner Says:

    Liz, Little Lydia has such a special place in our hearts. Our family continues to pray regularly for her recovery. I am so thrilled that y’all should be coming home around Labor Day. That is fantastic news! You have been missed. Love, Julie Stogner

  296. Christy Says:

    Liz, we are continuing to pray for you and Lydia and your family. We believe that you will get to come home soon and we cant wait to see Lydia laughing and playing again.

  297. F-False
    ISAIAH-41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you;do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Meditate on this for strength. Keep the faith.WE LOVE ALL OF YOU.

  298. Amy and Brian Newby Says:

    Hey! Lydia is as cute as a button. We cant believe her 1 year birthday is coming up! Please know that we are praying for you, Lydia, and the entire fam. God is so good, and has brought Lydia so far. God is getting so much glory through this situation. He is shining so bright through your faith and perseverence! KEEP FIGHTING and know that we got your back! We love you 🙂

  299. Susan Pendergrass Says:

    I am the mother of Dr.Rebecca P. Cook and have heard so very much about your precious Lydia. I was praying for another of her patients the other day on my way to work and a car pulled out in my lane. When I got close enough to see what she had in the back glass it was a sign reading “With God all things are possible.” I guess that was the answer to my prayer and I hope that He will continue to provide you with the strength you need to go on. You know doctors like my daughter are hard to come by and I am so sorry that you have had to endure this trial in your life, but I can tell you from my heart that your Lydia has been blessed to have a doctor that cares about her as Rebecca has and does.May the Lord bless you and keep you always in the palm of his hand, up close to his heart.

  300. Hey Liz!

    I wanted to share something with you that is really cool. I went to Sunday night service with a friend to Church of the highlands last Sunday, and it was titled “you’re my healer!” At the end, there is an incredible video of a young man with cancer, and the song that he wrote, he is performing, on the same topic. Incredible powerful. Go the (I always have to google it), and click on “watch messages”. It is in the “encounters” series, and is the 3rd in the series from August 17th at Grant’s Mill. Called “You’re my healer”. It is fantastic, and I believe that God asked for me to show it to you 🙂 Loving you and your family and continuing in prayer! Love, Michelle

  301. Rebecca Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Lydia!!! O Liz, I know that you heart is full & you are rejoicing at all the Lord has brought you through these last 3 years! I know too the struggle with fear & wanting to control… we are afraid that we are going to LOOSE something dear to us & that becomes the focus of our hearts rather than our deep love & fear being of God & Him alone. I know that He is a good God & that all these blessings are gifts from Him, in the midst of the storm it is hard to remember that He is in control.

    We continue to pray for your sweet family & cant wait for your return home so we can hug your neck & rejoice with you in all that He has done!!!

  302. We are praying for you all

  303. Catherine on 4Tower Says:

    Hi Liz and family!
    Hang in there, Liz. You are doing great whether you realize it or not. Please love on Lydia for me. I can’t wait to see you guys again!

  304. Leslie Says:

    I just wanted to say that having Lydia at the SCCA for the past couple of months has been an absolute joy. I am gonna miss you guys so much but I am happy to see you go home. She is truly a blessing and I am so glad I got to meet you guys. I will continue to pray for her. Please keep me updated on her status and how well she is doing at home.



  305. Catherine on 4Tower Says:

    YOU’RE HOME!!!!!!!
    I am so happy for you guys!!!!! Please please please stop by 4tower on Wednesday if you are here in the afternoon. I come in at 2:45. I have missed you guys and I can’t wait to see baby Lydia!
    Love to you all,

  306. heidi Says:

    David and Liz
    I just found out about this blog. I have been thinking a lot about you guys these past couple of mos and feel guilty for being so out of the loop. Aunt Nette showed me a bunch of pictures of the kids this wkend. They are all so beautiful! I hope to be able to come and visit you sometime soon and meet Lydia in person. My love goes out to you all.

  307. Catherine (just Catherine) Says:

    Hi Liz and fam!
    I can NOT believe I missed you guys yesterday. I am so sad. I’ve just got to see you guys! Take care. I am so glad you are home.
    Love you guys!

  308. Corey Says:

    Liz, Lydia & Boys,

    Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. It was a wonderful treat to see you two on the SCCA before you departed. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for all of you!

    Corey, SCCA RN

  309. Catherine on 4Tower Says:

    Hi Schusters!
    I can’t believe I missed see you and Lydia last week! I was so bummed. Are you coming to clinic next week? Please email me if you are and I will come by. I just have to see Lydia! I heard she has really grown!
    Love to all,

  310. Jane Cash Says:

    Liz…I want you to know that I think of you all daily. I hurt that you are so tired, and more than that, weary. I also expect that you are almost numb, and at times, feel robotic. I love you and want you to know I am here for you. Jane

  311. I found you…it is a long story…I read that you are tender hearts with a beautiful little girl. May God continue to hold you in the palm of his hand.

    He who has led will lead
    All through the wilderness
    He who has fed will surely feed
    He who has heard your cry]
    will never close His ear
    He who has marked your faintest sigh
    will never forget your tear
    He loveth always, faileth never,
    So rest on Him today – forever.
    (Amy Carmichael)

    Fellow Free Churchers in the battle against ALL – Leukemia.

  312. Jane Cash Says:

    I love you….and am praying that Lydia will soon feel well all over. Jane

  313. Elizabeth Anne Henderson Says:

    We are in B’ham visiting for a while. The Grants were gracious enough to let us stay in their Dad’s home. Jennifer and Paul had their 3rd boy if you hadn’t heard. He is doing ok, just bilirubin is not down yet. Anyway, wish you were here – not as much as you do though. Think of you often and so admire your strength!!! Love Elizabeth Anne and Rory

  314. Jenna Says:

    Hi Lydia
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. You are an amazing little girl, such a cutie and a brave, courageous fighter. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  315. Catherine Says:

    Hi Liz and family,
    I loved the story about your little Picassos. Ha! I am praying for Lydia. I hope to see you guys soon!

  316. Catherine Says:

    Hey hey!
    I will call you next week. I start night shift (7p-7a) and work Tues, Wed, Thurs. Should be interesting. :/ I am so happy no GVHD!!!!!! Hope to see you guys soon!

  317. April Says:

    Hey Liz, Great news on L. I’m happy to hear of great news. I know what you mean about not wanting to drink. VERY FRUSTRATING! Ashley had the same problem until we were about 1 month out of chemo. She miraculously (SP?) started to drink from a cup from Fred Meyer. It has a plastic tip retangular in shape but works like a straw. There is a straw attached to the inside of the cup and for some reason she will drink from this cup. Maybe you can try it. They’re really inexpensive and don’t spill.

  318. Rebecca Says:

    We are praying!!!

  319. Dr. Darby Pendergrass Says:

    From South Carolina,
    We keep up with you regularly thru our daughter, Dr. Rebecca Cook, who keeps us updated on the problems and progress of your little angel. She has become such an important part of Becca’s life, and in turn, a part of ours. Being able to read the blog and see the pictures of Lydia bring her that much closer. My wife and I are praying for her regularly and are hoping for a full recovery and remission. Lydia has shown that she is a fighter, and we are pulling for her. Becca comes home every so often, and we are always asking her about her progress. We continue to keep her and your family in our prayers.

  320. Catherine Says:

    Hi Schusters!
    It’s been a while. I wanted you to know that it meant so much to me to hold Lydia when I saw you guys in clinic. When I cared for her and she was so sick for so long, there were times when I just wanted to scoop her up and hold her but never could. Thank you for the opportunity to love on your sweet baby. I am so thankful for her. I hope you guys have a peaceful holiday season.

  321. Ginger Dyer Says:

    Hey Liz!

    Mom said she ran into you recently..I wish I had been with her to hug your neck!!

    I LOVE the latest entry about the realities of taking a perfect Christmas card picture! Too true & too funny!!

    Would you mind emailing me your mailing address, please?! (speaking of Christmas cards!)

    Thank you, friend!!
    much love,

  322. Christiana Says:

    Liz! I saw your beautiful Christmas pictures at the unit. Thank you so much for remembering us…she looks amazing and the boys look so happy! Keep up the good work. Gilmore Girls forever!!!

  323. Catherine Says:

    Hi Schusters!!!
    I was so happy to see baby Lydia’s Christmas card! I also took the one from 4 Tower with the boys on it too after the holidays 🙂 I do so love your sweet baby! She looks great! You guys take care. We continue to pray for all of you.

  324. Catherine on 4Tower Says:

    Hi Liz and family!
    It’s been a while! Just checking in.
    I love the bathtub pics! Lydia is amazing!!!!
    Y’all take care! Oh, I’m on day shift now so feel free to wander upstairs during a clinic visit sometime. 🙂

  325. Dee Boydston Says:

    It has been a privilege to read through your site and to pray for Lydia and your family. Thank you for the encouraging comment on Most Wondersome Storytime. Thank you for sharing your faith journey.

  326. KarlaW Says:

    Thank you so much for your comment regarding Sam’s leg pain and for keeping her in your prayers. 🙂

  327. Catherine on 4Tower Says:

    Hi guys!
    I love the latest Lydia picture!!!!! Wow! She IS growing up. Once I get settled in at our new house and life slows down a little (ha ha), I really want to come visit you guys. I hope you are all doing well. Give Lydia some love for me!

  328. Carrie Duryea Says:

    Hey Liz! I was great talking to you at the game today. I am looking forward to reading the blog and hope to see you at the park again. Def. adding your beautiful family to our prayer list.

    I also forwarded your info to my friend Gina that I was telling you about and am pasting Joseph’s caring bridge link for you.

    Have a blessed week!

  329. Shauna Says:

    Hi Liz! Saw your message on my blog and therefore I’ve been snooping around yours. Lydia looks SO great!! I love seeing that… I’m so happy that things are going well for you guys. Thank you for your note. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas season. Take care.

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