Just for Fun

What can I say?  Pinks really do have more fun!  I was a blonde up into my 20’s.  Then my hair turned brown (with grey highlights), and now I am a pink…only slightly.  It is very freeing.  Yesterday I had about 12 inches cut off for Locks of Love.  The stylist was wonderful and the salon babysat the kiddos for FOUR hours while I was pampered…and it was affordable!  The kiddos are at Vacation Bible School and Nana’s.  So I have a little time to fill you guys in on what is new in our lives.

Lydia continues to reach goals with leaps and bounds.  Her end of the summer goal was to be able to use two and three word phrases.  She has bypassed this with full sentences.  She can throw a good old fashion two year old fit, but they are not that often, and I am so glad to see her expressing herself.  She graduated from the Bell Center on her re-birthday last month.  Yes!  She is two years past transplant!  She is officially stamped “S” for Survivor!

I still keep her covered up, in long sleeves and pants even though we live in the south.  That is the one thing that continues to be crammed into my head.  We are trying to spend a lot of time outside, but mostly in the morning and late afternoon.

We are officially back at church.  We love it!  Dewey, has been a bit more skeptical about going to his Sunday School class.  I have taken him in to “Big Church” but he doesn’t last very long, even with toys and such.  Last week I taught his class and that was very helpful.  The first day of VBS, he was nervous too, but Huey took him by the hand and invited him into his class.  The church was very accommodating and Dewey loves it!  I am surprised that I haven’t been able to get more work done at the house.  I was hoping to catch up on laundry and declutter the kitchen.  All the stuff that should be done.  This morning Dave said to leave it, that I should take the morning to write.  I am thankful to be able to declutter my thoughts!

For the past few years, I have been blessed to have friends, family, and even strangers give me Bible verses to feed me.  During that time, God was so present.  He was everywhere I turned, I didn’t have to seek Him.  He is in my thoughts much of the time, but I still hadn’t really sought after Him as the manifestation of Him dimmed.  Thankfully, in January David and I started to go to a Bible study taught by a woman (ex-counselor) who God has really used in our lives to let go of things to help set us free.  Then in April, I went to Captivating in Colorado and saw God’s pursuit of me again.  In May, hubby went to a retreat and he was given a new desire for God.  Now it is June, and we have begun “Love Song”.  Which is a Bible Study on Jesus endless love for the individual…”me” or you.

I have a desire to hear from God in His Word, though I am still unwilling to pick it up as often as I am thirsty for it.  That always surprises me.  But it doesn’t slow God’s desire for me down and He calls me still.  What a wonderful God!


Since being a mother, I have learned that I can’t control my kids, but instead encourage and train them.  The only problem is I think they are training me!

We had the BEST time playing in the snow Sunday morning.  It was so wonderful to wake up to a splendid white wonderland.  We hit the snow by 7:45 am.  The boys came in for a pancake breakfast then headed right back into the snow.  Lydia enjoyed herself too.  David made a small snowman for the kids, which got destroyed almost instantly.  Then he made a larger one.  My sons gave it the final detail of a pacifier.  The boys finally came in for their naps right as the snow began to melt.   I did get some pictures. 

Take That!

Take That!

I went to the doctor on Saturday morning, because of some chest congestion that sprung up quickly.  The doctor wanted to over treat me for Lydia’s safety.  For that I am so thankful.  But part of the treatment was a steroid shot and a steroid pack.  I feel like I am jumping out of my skin.  Yikes!  Insomnia and all.  I have three more days on the pack.

You may have notice the new link for baby Jonah.  I have such a passion to pray for this sweet baby.  He was born this past week with what looks like burns.  It is called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).  The family and baby are in great need of prayer.  He is in the ICU for now.

Thank you so much for your continuous outpuring of love that you have shared with our family.  I continue to cling to the prayers that you offer.  Blessings of Love, Joy, and Peace to you and your family.