This website was built to talk about life with three children under three, but a week later all changed when my, then 3 month old, was diagnosed with Infant Leukemia (ALL/MLL).  Now this blog is primarily a way to share the experiences that we have faced, ask for prayer and  share the glory of God that He has surrounded and infused our family with.

We covet your prayers.   Lydia was diagnosed on November 2007.  She was hospitalized for two months after immediately upon diagnosis.   She developed hydrocephalis from her chemotherapy, causing a total of 3 neurosurgeries.  She finished up her oncology protocol at Children’s Hospital in Alabama.  We then transferred to Children’s Hospital of Seattle, WA for transplant.  Lydia received an umbilical cord stem cell transplant, to replace her bone marrow, on May 2008.  She was only 8 months old.  She is now back to the care of her oncologist at home in Alabama.  Her immune system is still building back up.  She has a long road, but know that she is in the palm of God’s hand and is on the road to complete healing.  Please follow the link to read about her diagnosis.

With many thanks,



5 Responses to “About”

  1. Amber Says:

    You are amazing to me, Liz, with your ability to remain so calm, stong, and supportive through this trial. You have graciously added keeping all of us calm and informed to your load without hesitation.
    Your ability to handle everything so well has been such a testament to the power of faith and the effect is has on your life. Obviously, faith doesn’t keep troubles from befalling you but it can drastically change your response.
    Don’t let yourself think that you have to do it all though. You know I’ll be there in a heartbeat if you need me- as well so many of us. Until then I’m keeping my germs to myself and Lydia in my prayers.
    I love you,

  2. Jane Cash Says:

    Hello, Liz…just wanted you and yours to know we love you…Jane

  3. Avigail Says:

    Dave and Lizzie,

    We love you so much and our hearts are with you through all of this. We pray peace for you as well as strength and courage. Our Daddy is faithful and loving and holds little Lydia in the palm of his hands just like the picture you have on this webpage. When you are down know you are lifted up and when you are up He has brought you there. Whatever you need will be provided….much love to you and the family. Gideon-Ephraim says to tell his oder brudder he says hi and Solomon say me too!!

    Love the Peters family

  4. Lesley Says:

    Dear Liz,

    My cousin, Katherine, goes to church with you all and she has kept me up to date on beautiful Lydia’s situation. We have been praying for her, you and all of your family. Your consistent turning back to the Lord in the face of such pain, worry, and dashed hopes has brought me to a new place of trust.

    Of course, I, too, pray for her complete healing; I also ask the Jesus, the Peace Giver, to shower you with His peace that “passes all understanding” as you walk with Lydia through this deep valley.

    As Paul prayed for his friends, so I pray for you: “May the God of HOPE strengthen you with all joy and peace in believing.”

    Lesley Lloyd

  5. Jo Kittinger Says:

    Hi Liz & David,
    I just wanted you guys to know I am praying for you today — May God strengthen Lydia, heal the pneumonia, and lessen the side effects of her treatments. May you all be blessed with peace, rest and hope. Love to all of you,

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