A fresh start is here!  I am so thankful that God’s mercy’s are new every morning, ’cause I sure need them.  I love a clean slate.  I have just gotten back into town, the house is a wreck with Christmas festivities to be cleaned and I am ready to take it on.  I hope that I can give my desires over to God and only take on the responsibilities that He has given me for the coming year.  I have the habit of taking on more than I should, so I am paring back down and trying to keep life simple.

Thank you to ALL that helped get gift cards and shoe boxes to Children’s hospital this Christmas.  Abby Vandiver, a childhood (baby) cancer survivor, and her family and friends partnered with us to make this happen this year.  We did not have a shoe box party, because people were interested in giving and had too much in individual holiday schedules.  It all worked out for the best.

As for the kids on 4 Tower receiving the presents, 6 of the children were in isolation at the time were given to deliver the shoe boxes.  The nurses had 4 Tower in lock down.  They had a sterile environment set up in the hallway, so Lydia and I were greeted in the Lobby by a Child Life specialist who took our gifts upstairs and passed them out after the procedure was over.  Lydia cried.  She really wanted to see her nurses.  It is so neat that she has no aversion to the hospital, but loves the staff.  That speaks VOLUMES about the staff and God’s grace.