Oh where to begin?  It all began on Tuesday at midnight.  Lydia spiked her first fever (102.9) in over a year.  She had been seen just the day before by her pediatrician for a stuffy noses, coughs and such so when I called the phone nurse to report the fever, she walked me through steps of action to take:

  1. Give her Ibuprofen.
  2. Make sure the fever responds and goes down
  3. Go to clinic Wednesday morning to have her checked out

She said that I could call the Stem Cell floor also, just to make sure that waiting to morning would be alright.  She still has a shunt in her head, so they want to watch it for infection too.  They were all in agreement to wait and go to clinic in the morning.  THIS WAS HUGE!!!

Thankfully, we already had an appointment set up to see Dr. Cook.  Her labs looked great.  In fact, it was the first time she was not dehydrated in probably 8 months!  Her lungs sounded clear, but she definitely had a sinus infection.  We went home on amoxicillan just like a normal kid!  In the mean time she is laughing, jumping, and acting normal.

Brothers also developed sinus infections by Thursday morning.  They began Amoxicillan as well.  By Friday night we drove to a Florence to a fun family reunion.  Sounds crazy, I know, but I had cleared it with the doctors and the family and everyone was in agreement for us to attend.  Now then, I don’t have air conditioning in the minivan right now.  So we waited until the sun started going down, so that it would be cooler.  The kids pretty much napped the whole way (all but one big boy).   When we arrived, it was so exciting and fun…family, commotion, and toys.  Everyone acted liked they felt great.

Saturday morning, Lydia got up happily, but when I fixed her hair, she wanted me to rock her.  She was pretty grumpy.  She saw that brothers were going to go boating on the Tennessee River, so she perked up and got ready too.  She fell asleep on the boat (in the shade) and when the boat ride was over she was VERY cranky.  I put her to bed as she thrashed around until she fell asleep.  As we lay there, she gets hotter and hotter.  Her temp got up to 102.5, so I called the phone nurse.  The nurse was concerned mostly about the shunt since she had been on antibiotics for 3 days.  We walked through many different scenarios, but when I got her up to give her the ibuprofen, she held her head with two hands screaming “ou-wee, ou-wee!” at the top of her lungs.  So we decided to jump in the car and head back to Children’s.  Jeanette gave us her air conditioned car to travel in since Lyd didn’t need to be over heated.

The boys stayed out on the lake with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.  Today they are still having a great time!  They will return either tonight or tomorrow.

Once at the ER, she had a series of X-rays and a CT scan.  Her shunt looked exactly how it was suppose to look and the ventricles looked good as well.  This was huge.  No neurosurgery!  Turns out she has developed pneumonia.  It is a very light case of it, thankfully.  Her antibiotic was doubled and then they sent us home.  How good it feels to be home.

This morning I have the crud though.  I don’t feel like I have and infection, but my body is fighting those cold germs hard.  I hope to have my energy revitalized by the time my sons return!

Thanks for the prayers.  We are so grateful.  We are trying to live moment by moment and placing each moment in the control of our Father.

Please pray for HUNTER JONES.  His mama has been friends with us since college.  Mandy has walked with me throughout Lydia’s journey.  Now her son, HUNTER, has been diagnosed with leukemia (ALL).  They are working on getting him into remission then having a bone marrow transplant.  Please, please pray for them as they are on their journey.  Mandy is updating the family blog more than the caringbridge site so that link is here. Please pray for their whole family.