I feel I need to share the latest with Lydia’s physical recovery.  I took her to be evaluated at the elementary school that we are zoned for last Friday and this past Monday.  The public school takes over therapy where Early Intervention leaves off when children turn 3.  I was interviewed as well to give the therapists a bigger window than what they see during the test.  I was asked how many word’s she can say…I answered 20-25.  When my family got wind of that, I was mocked…more like 200 is what I was notified.  The problem is that Lyd can be so quiet much of the day, so I didn’t even recognize the improvement of her vocabulary over the past few months to share with the team.  This being said she scored a 75 at the evaluation.  She has to score under 77 in two areas to qualify for services.  The other score that I saw was a 95!  I haven’t gotten the numbers back for the other three tests, but the preschool teacher did not expect her to qualify since she was being tested in the 4 and 5 year old categories.

So today, David got home and took the trash outside with our two sons.  I had dinner on the table so I didn’t let Lydia follow them.

Lydia said, “outside!”

I answered, “outside?”

She said, “outside!”

I repeated, “outside?”

She said, “I want play!”

I said, “You want to play?”

She said, “I want swing!”

I said, “You want to swing?”

She said, “I want kick ball!”

I said, “You want to kick the ball?”

She said, “I want play Lucy!”

I said, “You want to play with Lucy?”

Then I said, “Let’s eat dinner first”

OK, in retrospect, I should have let her go on out, but she was really hungry.  After dinner she was able to do all the things that her mouth and heart expressed that she wanted to do.  So whether or not she qualifies or not, I know that her speech is emerging.

Thank you God for continuing to finish the work He has started.

Please pray for Lydia’s friend Caleb.  He is in therapy with Lydia and has Cerebral Palsy.  I am praying with his family for Caleb’s complete healing.  Please join with us and pray.  Believing that one day he will walk.  If you get a chance to check out his story it is amazing.  He and his family are precious.