Spring break was great between our busy month of appointments.  We had the opportunity to go down to mom’s in Florida and let the kids have a play date with some friends of mine from my college days and their son.  Then we went up to Vanderbilt for Lydia’s eye appointment.  She had broken her glasses a few weeks before and I had not gotten them fixed before the appointment.  I wanted to see what Dr. Donahue said before I put anymore time and money into them.  The nurse taped Lyd’s glasses up for the exam and thankfully, they straightened her eyes out!  I was so thrilled, I told him I wanted to pinch him!  So now new glasses have been ordered and I can’t wait to get them.

Today, was her first dermatologist visit.  Dr. Cook said it was time to get set up with a dermatologist to check out her moles and such.  The doctor checked her over real good, found some mild GVHD (Graft Verses Host Disease) in her scalp again.  I will treat it topically with Prograft.  Thankfully, no need for steroids by mouth!  She also went ahead and biopsied a suspicious red bump.  She is hoping it is just scar tissue.  I thought it was a wart on the back of her calf that she had scraped (it bled once after being scraped).  It is in God’s hands.

She had to biopsy rather deep.  She asked if I would like to schedule a time, but I asked if she could go ahead and take care of it while we were in her office.  My only hesitation was that I didn’t bring a pacifier.  I always bring one for blood draws, but I didn’t think that anything would be necessary at the dermatologist visit.  The nurse was SO kind.  She brought two in…one for Lyd and one for her baby doll.  Lydia thought that was just great.  They dulled the skin with a topical lidocaine before giving her a shot of lidocaine in her calf.  The nurse was so caring, and smart.  She wrapped Lydia up in a sheet, just like we used to when she would have a CT Scan.  They did the procedure and she screamed and I sang to her.  Finally, it was over and she sucked that pacifier and was fine.  She forgave the nurse and even blew her kisses when we left…though my heart was still pounding.

Thursday she has an appointment with her neurosurgeon for her yearly appointment.  I am praying that all is well in her head and that there will be no surprises.  She is not suppose to have a CT Scan or pictures of any kind.  He just wants to look her over and measure her head.

We are almost to her two years past Bone Marrow Transplant.  That anniversary is in May.  This year we get to stay home and have Dr. Cook do all of the yearly testing.  We return to clinic on April 28th and I have been told that she will be bled with all the viles that are needed.  Also, Dr. Cook will have a Bone Marrow Doctor come feel Lydia’s right leg.  It apparently has some tightness and some tremors when pushed to the limit in her range of motion.  Her range of motion is within normal limits.  She wants to rule out GVHD in her joints.  The neurosurgeon will be looking at her ankle too.  There is possibility that it is from nerve damage.  It could also be something as simple as being weak.  She is getting so much stronger and feels so good…and is so happy, that she still needs more strength in her legs.  She can now go up and down a flight of steps by holding just one hand.  I am so proud of her.  She is now speaking in short sentences.  Sometimes she is silent, then she surprises me with the things that come out of her mouth.

Thank you for your prayers for this sweet child.  The Holy Spirit is so amazing.  I am in awe of the Glory of the Lord.