I have recently found the book “Snuggle Puppy” by Sandra Boynton.  I have friends that have it in their child’s book collection, but I had never picked it up, let alone read it.  It is a small board book.  You know the kind, made for babies.  I found it laying on a chair in library near the kids computers and it screamed pick me up.  When I did, I found it filled with the most beautiful affirming life giving words for a child.  The sentiment is real and expressed loudly…like our family.  I ordered our own copy of it from Paper Back Swap.  Even my 4 year old LOVES it when I read him this tiny jewel of a book.  What a treasure.

I took Lydia to clinic on Wednesday.  Her labs looked great!  No cancer!!!  God continues to teach me to trust Him.  As time goes on, Lydia is able to do more and more.  But her body has been through so much and her immune system is still weakened she still needs to be protected.  I like to have a game plan, so after much deliberation on what would happen if she was exposed to childhood illnesses like chicken pox, I found out that she would need a 4 hour infusion of IVIG plus possible other prophylactic medication.  Good to know.  I will continue to do what we are doing.   I really don’t want my sweetheart to be put in harms way though.  I believe this May/June she will be able to get her chicken pox vaccine along with several others that she cannot get until she is two years post transplant.

Schooling the kids is a delight.  The kids anticipate with delight our daily rhythm and habits.  Who would have known that daily therapy would have been so good for getting our house in order?

I would like to ask for prayer for Carly Parker.  A tumor the size of a golf ball has appeared in the back of her head.  She has restarted chemo and will have surgery at MD Anderson on March 4.  She was originally diagnosed with her first terrible tumor in November of 2007.  Lydia and Carly were hospitalized at the same time.  My heart goes out to them as they endure and fight.