I have been at a loss for words for quite sometime.  I know, right?…me without words.  Without crisis in our midst I haven’t known what to write about, so I will begin with the reason for my latest hiatus:  After the kids are tucked soundly in their beds I have been completely addicted to paperbackswap.com and trading books like crazy.  I like to keep books, but after my friend Allison told me about this website, I have started replacing some of my dust collectors with books that are part of the kids curriculum.  All for the price of stamps.  A little known fact is that I collected stamps for about two years after college.  They aren’t worth more than face value, but it is very helpful for this new found resource.  It has even given me the excuse to read some of the books that I hadn’t noticed much in years.  One book, in particular, was given to me by my dad.  It is called, How to Make a Journal of Your Life by D. Price.  I read a couple of pages and was yet again inspired to keep on writing.  Beth’s comment last month didn’t hurt either.  Thank you all for your amazing support even now.  Your encouragement continues to strengthen my spirit.

My gal has moved up to the big kid class for her therapy.  She is now going 4 days a week in the afternoons.  It is working out great.  She even takes a dance class once a week as part of her therapy.  She just loves it.  Our morning are getting much smoother, because we can have a regular routine. Get ready for the day, then off to the kitchen table for school.  After school, we head to the sofa for story time.  I am really enjoying preschool, because it is filled with ooey-gooey dough, colorful paints, markers, etc.  All the art products that make my heart flutter.  The kids are able to be expressive and try new things.  I don’t have them do “pretty work”.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the pretty keepers, but right now I am wanting them to enjoy the process of creating…without making an overwhelmingly big mess.

Naps seem to be the thing of the past for my guys.  My only beef is that they are so tired (and cranky) by dinnertime that we are all just trying to stay sane.  I have just listened to the audio book Scream Free Parenting by Hal Runkel.  This book has been so helpful for me in my relationships in general.  The biggest thing that I took to heart was making a decision to take care of myself in order to take care of the ones that I love.  I felt that I was being selfish if I took any time for myself.  But now David and I have started going to a Bible study again after our two year hiatus.  It feels good.

A lady from my church, Kelly, was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bicycle, while on vacation a week ago.  She had a lot of brain trauma and was in a medically induced coma.  She had two neurosurgeries, was on the ventilator, feeding tube, and had fevers.  No one knew if she was going to pull through, but she did!  Her battle is far from over, but she is now awake, breathing and eating on her own, and back in her hometown.  She still has a hard time recognizing folks.  I went to visit her when she was still in a coma and was overtaken by the peace in her hospital room.  I was so glad to witness God’s vast presence there.  Paul Simon sings a song called “Hurricane Eye”.  I  like the lyric “peaceful as a hurricane eye”.  In the midst of disaster, peace can be found in God.  I think it is like that in all of life.  I can get caught up in life around me and it feels like a tornado, but when I finally turn to God I can find peace…right in the middle of it all.