This Christmas was fabulous!  We traveled a bit to visit family, because we could! We had four family Christmas parties plus I had the pleasure of going to the hospital to deliver the “Christmas Smiles” project.

What a delight it was to be able to surprise the hospitalized hem/onc families with Christmas presents on Christmas Eve!  All 19 rooms were not filled, so we had enough gift bags for all of the patients and their siblings.  The parents were surprised with their gift cards too!  I included a note telling Lydia’s story.  Thanks to all who supported this mission of love and hope.

By the way, you may have noticed a bizarre picture in your Christmas card this year.  I got our pictures printed on line at  That’s fuji film’s website.  I used a special promotion and had all of our pictures printed for the cost of shipping!  The pictures looked great when they arrived, but I didn’t pay attention to the small Christmas cards that they were suppose to fit in.  Oops.  So, I cut the 4×6 collaged photograph in the only spot that made since to cut.  But, the collage no longer made much sense.  AND some of the cards got parts and pieces of the collage.  I can only imagine what many of you thought when you got a slice of a picture of our family jumping down from a family photo with Lydia underneath it with food on her grin.  Too crazy, but I don’t do too much that isn’t a little kooky!

So, Lydia is doing great!  We are trying to re-enter life a little more.  This is a big step for our family.  I am quite nervous, but trying to resist the temptation to stay in my self made bubble.  Lydia goes to a group therapy class that now has six other kids in it!  Um, I am sitting in the lobby as I write this and trying not to run in a get her away from all of the other kids.  I think it is great for all of us to have these new experiences.  Please pray for her to stay safe from germs that could make her so sick.

As far as prayers go please pray for baby Colby.  He has infant leukemia and was transplanted a couple of months ago.  He has relapsed.  I am not sure what the plan of action is to try to get him into remission again.  Please pray for him and his family.

Also, my friend Julie was in Atlanta visiting while she went into labor…at 27 weeks of pregnancy.  She is now hospitalized there away from her husband and kids.  They travel to visit and her husband has been able to stay for a week at a time, but it is so hard being away from family.  She and the baby are both stable.  Baby boy is growing.  She is hospitalized and on bed rest for as long as she is able.

Taylor Hendrix began chemotherapy today.  She learned at her lung biopsy that one of the spots that was thought to be a granule since her original diagnosis in 2006 was actually a tumor.  It has been removed, but now some experimental chemo will be used.

Kelli Ritter is coming to her third anniversary since diagnosis of CML leukemia and 13th birthday.  I had the pleasure of becoming friends with her mom Josie after meeting her on an elevator in Seattle.  I was bawling and she said “Bone Marrow Transplant?”  Kelli was visiting after her one year anniversary of transplant.  I am so glad that God gave me this strong family to lead the way for me to be able to ask questions.  Kelli has had a tough time with Graft verses Host Disease but has shown great response to the therapy she has received for it.

Please pray for these families as you are led.  I really want to update more often, but am at a loss for what I should write about.  I enjoy writing so much and am not ready to stop.  We will see what the future leads too.

Happy 2010!