As the cold wind swept through the air recently, so did colds in our house.  Thankfully, Lydia never ran a fever and she was able to fight it on her own!  While she was icky, our oncologist wanted our pediatrician to check out her cough and make sure her lungs were clear.  Did you catch that?  I got to take Lydia to the PEDIATRICIAN!  That’s where typical kids get to go!!!

As I was getting us ready, I realized that I was taking Lydia to see Dr. Simpson the Monday after Thanksgiving.  All of a sudden I freak out, because that was when it all began two years ago in his examination room.  Sally calmed me down and said, “Liz, this time he is going to find a healthy little girl with a cold”.  And he did.

God has been so good to our family…to show Himself in a real way…to give us a great team of doctors, nurses, and medical staff that rely on God to take care of my baby…to give us loving people to take care of all of our needs…to allow my daughter to live.  I am so blessed.  You all are a blessing to me.