Thanksgiving will mark the second anniversary of Lydia’s diagnosis of leukemia.  I am so thankful that she is alive and well!  Last week was filled with many strange and heart pounding physical issues of close friends and loved ones.  I took each one to heart.  Looking back on last week, it was like I was having flashbacks of Lydia’s diagnosis.  A friend of mines grand-baby had a scare of possibly being diagnosed with leukemia.  I met the family down at Children’s  and was relieved to find out that the baby did not have cancer, instead his body had responded to a run of the mill virus, by depleting most of its platelets.  The baby was given IVIG, an infusion that Lydia has had many, many times.  The baby responded very well to the treatment, but developed aseptic meningitis.  He is doing very well now thankfully.   I am so thankful that he doesn’t have cancer or any long term health issues from his trip to clinic 8.

By mourning with those around me mourning, I have cried all the tears that mourning the anniversary stirs up within me.  I am relieved to have that out of the way so I can REJOICE in the season of Thanksgiving.

This week has been quite busy.  I should report that I took Lydia to Vanderbilt for her ophthalmology appointment.  It doesn’t look like she is responding to her glasses at all.  In fact she now has a vertical eye crossing as well.  She is still able to focus with each eye independently,  so there is no rush to get her to surgery.  She will be reevaluated in four months to see what the new crossing is doing.  He wants her eyes to be stable, before moving to another surgery that would just have to be corrected immediately.  I like this in a surgeon.

I got to visit with my dad while we were in Nashville.  When we went out to dinner, we sat in a booth.  Lydia sat like a big girl close to the wall, so no one would touch her.  I had to dodge the friendly advances of several waiters wanting to coo over her.  When she was finished with her all time favorite, guacamole, she stood up in her seat and continued to jump!  I was so excited.  My father was confused until I told him that she had been working on jumping on a trampoline during physical therapy and didn’t show any interest or ability.  Now she does.  I think most moms would be upset that their child was jumping on furniture, but I was thrilled.  She is certainly continuing to move forward!

I also wanted to give you an update on our Christmas Smiles project.  So far I have collected $300.  I would like to collect a lot more so that we have enough to give gas gift cards again this year along with toys for the children.  It is so depressing to be hospitalized anytime, much less on Christmas.  With God’s help, I hope to share His hope and joy to His beloved.  Thank you for your prayers and support as we draw closer to Christmas.