Well we have been truly living.  It is surreal all that we have experienced over the past couple of months.  This past weekend alone we attended Disney on Ice, thanks to Camp Smile a Mile, had a yard sale, and attended an outdoor art show!  I put a call in to our oncologist to double/triple check that Lydia could indeed visit such an arena.  I was told to let that child enjoy the show!  Can you imagine?  The kids did just that.  Huey noticed “all” the children in the audience had toys.  Dewey sang along with all the songs, even the ones he had never heard before.  Louie (Lydia) danced to almost all of the acts.  It was GREAT!  It was also great to be in the audience with other oncology patients.  Baby Xavian’s family was nearby.  Xavian couldn’t attend, because of treatment, but his big brother Dante got to enjoy the show.  I kept thinking about how bizarre yet good it was for me to get out with other transplant families when Lydia was in the heart of transplant.  It was hard to enjoy myself, but also a time to relax even for just a moment.  Xavian has just completed all of his rounds of chemo and will have an MRI in December.  We are praying that his brain tumor will be gone forever!

At our yard sale we collected nearly $200 for Christmas gifts for hospitalized oncology patients at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  Many people have asked me how to be apart of this seasons giving.  You can donate brand new items for children ages infant to 18.  Last year, gas gift cards were the most appreciated by the patients parents and DVD’s went over very well with the kids.  Coming up with presents for the teenagers was the most difficult.  Remember no hair accessories, due to treatment, and the children range in all different ethnicities.  If you would like to donate monetarily, a tax deductible donation is possible.   There are a total of 19 rooms on 4 Tower and 8 rooms on the transplant floor.  I am hoping that this year I can offer presents to both floors.  Once again thank you all for your love and prayers.  God has used you in a mighty way.