I was able to get to church for the third Sunday in about a month.  Our pastor opened up a group discussion about what does being sent out to share the gospel in the 21st century look like.  There has been a bit of email discussion that I put my experiences into.  I figured I would post my email reply as a post.

On Sunday, I was thinking how credibility can be found in our testimony.  I mean, when God pulls us out of a pit it speaks volumes.  God uses our story no matter how ugly, tragic, and/or typical they might be.

When I take the kids to the playground, I almost always tell our story to the other moms standing around.  Not for any other reason than giving the hope of Christ.  It is the story of our lives and I have to share it.

From another perspective, when the body of Christ showed up at the hospital nearly two years ago in servanthood…it spoke VOLUMES.  Every nurse, doctor, and other patient saw the body as the church is described in the Bible.  They saw something different than normal.  It truly was the Holy Spirit at work.  By the way, I want thank you again for the love of the church.

Another place God put me to share the gospel is at Children’s hospital.  It is in a different way than I ever saw evangelism before: It is through loving words of compassion and hope and praying with parents for their children.

When Lyd was in the PICU when she was first diagnosed.  A person tried to evangelize to me and tell me that my child would be healed if I had strong enough faith.  That ALWAYS upset me.  Like my faith controlled God.  My faith was in God alone whether he took my daughter or allowed her to live.  I always thought how hearing something like that by someone with weak faith, might tear them further from God.  Who knows.  I don’t have the answers, just more question.