With the brisk air of fall comes many new adventures.  Yesterday, our extended family visited a pumpkin patch.   It was about an hour away and well worth the trip.  When we first arrived the parking lot already had a few school buses in it.  I gulped and continued with our adventure.  It is all outside and I would make sure no one touched Lydia.  I relaxed and decided to have a good time.  My  kids did the same.  They were overjoyed being passengers of a large covered wagon being towed by a massive tractor.   Huey, Dewey and Louie all wore costumes.  Huey was superman, Dewey dressed up like daddy and Louie (Lydia) was a pirate baby.  We ran into many folks we know including one of Lydia’s oncology nurses.  It was so good seeing her out of the context of the hospital.

By the end of the day Lydia had a slight runny nose.  I hope it is just from the change in weather.  She was quite fun and her quirky self this morning.  David took us all to a state park for more outdoor time.  Getting that cold air in the lungs and all.  There were very few people there.  I felt much better about today’s venue.  The funny thing is that we still ran into folks we know.

Lydia is getting more confident in her running around.  She has just begun doing a dance that looks like a trot…or someone who has a limp.  One or the other.  Anyway, she does it with confidence and a huge smile on her face.

The volume level of my three preschoolers can be quite ear piercing.  I have thought about having a sign language only policy at the table while we eat  My ears would get a rest AND it’s educational!  I can dream can’t I?

Thanks for your continued prayers and love.  Please keep those battling in your prayers.  I want to encourage you that praying and supporting them doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Just love them.  That love may take many forms of support for them, but love them all the same.  God is love.  I have seen his love in all of you.  Thank you.