Lydia’s glasses are in and she is loving every minute of them.  She is quite a girly-girl.  She can often be spotted in her purple glasses, cape, stethoscope, hat, necklaces, and/or bracelets.  She has gotten to the point of wanting to be outside with brothers EVERY time they go.  It has been quite exhausting (in a good normal way) trying to keep her skin covered from the sun.  The sun can still cause Graft Verses Host Disease to flare up and because of the HUGE amounts of Total Body Irradiation that she received, she is at higher risk to get skin cancer from the sun.

I have gotten a lot more laid back in daily life.  It is GREAT.  My kids are happy, healthy, and quite entertaining.  While studying the alphabet, my 4-year-old let me know that “D is for Delimber” .  A delimber is a truck that de-limbs trees.  He learned that from the DVD “Truck Tunes”.  If you have kids that dig construction trucks, you should check it out.  Our local library carries it.  Though it is most often found checked out by us. We returned from a short trip to moms this past week and my sons immediately asked to do school work.  The funny thing was it was Saturday.  I was excited so we jumped right in.  Everyone likes the routines that we have in place.

David and I had the opportunity to go to church this morning.  I was a nervous wreck…being around so many people.  I wore a name tag that reads “I love you, but I can’t hug you”.  My friend, Dan, made it for me when I attended my grandmother’s funeral last May.  I really want to hug all these loved ones that have supported us in every aspect of helping you can imagine.  When I walked in the building, I was so overcome with nerves.  I wanted to get seated so no one would notice we were there.  I think the oncology team has done a great job of turning me into a germaphobe.  There is a poster at clinic of a HUGE hand with magnified bacteria and viruses on the skin.  The poster says wash after every contact.  I have taken that very seriously.

Anyway, we were at church and we were invited to communion.  I had the hardest time getting over my germ issues.  Then we sang “It is Well with My Soul”.  It is a beautiful hymn describing the authors trust in God after a fatal event.  You can read about it here. Singing that beautiful song, I was able to give my anxiety back to God.

There are a lot of kids and families in need of prayer:

  • Ja’Colby will be having a bone marrow transplant next week.  He is an infant with AML leukemia right here in town.
  • Bennie Pierce was sent home with the news of there is nothing more we can do…well Bennie and his family have not given up hope and he is doing much better than expected.  So much better, that he is planning on returning to Birmingham for an MRI and reevaluate the prognosis.
  • Taylor Hendrix found two spots on her lungs.  She and her family were given this news unexpectedly.  They will go back to MD Anderson November 11 to see if the size of the spots have changed.  At that point they will have a new course of action.
  • Carolyn has a scheduled MRI.  Please pray for her anxiety and to continue to be cancer free.
  • Lydia has an upcoming check up and counts checked.