I have more to report from our trip to Nashville last weekend.  We had a chance to visit my dad’s new home while we were there.  My dad and stepmom moved back to Tennessee after an eighteen year hiatus living in the North-east.  I am so glad to have them so much closer…over the Labor Day holiday, our friend Trevor got a fever while on vacation.  He landed five days in an unfamiliar hospital.  He is doing well now, but this scenario has made me even more thankful for the close distance of my family.

Our trip visiting was so much fun.  The kids couldn’t get enough of his horses.  Yes, he has 4 miniature horses.  They are adorable.  They were great with my group of preschoolers.  My sons said that they were real cowboys now.  I don’t know which they enjoyed more: feeding them or brushing them.  I didn’t let Lydia pet them this trip, but hopefully as her immune system progresses she will be able to partake.

We cut our trip short, because illness had hit the household.  Thankfully, we were not exposed to it.  On our drive home, I saw flashing lights on a sign that said “travel advisory, tune radio to 1680AM”.  When we drove through the day before, I had noticed all of the interstate construction, so I already knew what it was going to say.  Why should I turn the radio on?  So I tried to ignored it.  I kept thinking “do I really want to stop the kids CD”.  Until…I saw another flashing sign “travel advisory, tune radio to 1680AM”.  This time I turned on the radio.  I was glad that I did too, apparently the interstate was closed ahead, just for that day.

I thought about my stubborn nature.  How many times have I asked God to light the path in front of me and completely ignored it because I thought I knew better already.  Interesting.  Very interesting.  I’m praying that I will be less bull-headed and more obedient.

I ordered Lydia’s glasses yesterday.  I went with fun and funky instead of durable.  The glasses do have a year warranty, so everytime they break I can have them replaced.  Hopefully, the warranty won’t be needed.  I will get the glasses back next week.  I am the world’s worse about posting pictures, but I will post a glasses pic when they come in.