Some people become speechless when they are faced with someone whom they have a crush on.  Others lose the ability to speak when meeting a celebrity.  For me, it takes the Amish or Mennonite to stand fully awed and amazed.  Seriously.

On our drive to Vanderbilt yesterday, when we stopped  and I saw a Mennonite couple.  I had to approach them, but what would I say?  I stumbled and stuttered.  It probably took a full minute or two to get a clear sentence out of my mouth.  David finds it fascinating that I will approach a complete stranger, tell them my life story, and get to know them as well.  Anyway, this is what happened.  I told them about Lydia and her upcoming possible surgery (which was cancelled!!!).  I asked them to pray for her and the rest of us.

So why do I think of these groups of people as rock stars?  Well, I guess it is because they have stripped their lives down to the bare minimum, ridding things that distract from God Himself.  How amazing is that!  It seems like the holiest example this side of heaven.  No matter what I think of the theology, I certainly respect them.

For groups of people who could come across judgmental, this couple certainly was nott.  They loved on us even though we are anything BUT plain folk.  It was a great experience for me.