God continues to answer your prayers.  Keep talking to Him, He’s listening!  I took Lydia to Vanderbilt today for her pre-op appointment and our surgeon decided to cancel/postpone surgery!  This is due to the fact that she is not crossing her eyes when she is focusing on distance like she was three months ago!  She is still crossing them when she focuses on objects up close.  It needs to be corrected for her to continue to develop so wonderfully.

So, we are going to try glasses.  I know, I know… glasses on a two year old.  How do you keep them on and not break them?  Many of you have had babes in glasses.  I would love all the advice you have to offer.

Basically, our ophthalmologist explained, as children with neurological issues develop and progress, their eyes typically adjust away from each other.  This goes along with Lydia’s working better together at a distance.  Doc wants us to see if this is what is naturally taking place before operating.  If he went ahead and operated forcing the eyes to not cross and be lined up well, and then they naturally progressed further apart, that would mean more surgery in a short period of time.

So we are going to try bifocals.  Every time her eyes start to shoot downward and together, she will be looking through the bifocals, so hopefully she will work hard and pull her eye up and into position, looking straight ahead.  He said it was a long shot, but possible.  I KNOW all things are possible for my God.  We are scheduled to reexamine her eyes in November and decide to schedule a surgery at that point if the glasses are showing any progress.  Also, if I notice any crossing while she is looking at things at a distance, I am to call immediately and schedule the surgery.

Time will tell.  Until then, I am thrilled that surgery is no longer in the near future.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, love and support.