It is interesting to think about the sufficiency of Christ.  My God being enough for all things in my life.  I pondered this idea quite a bit in my early adulthood.  In a life blessed with abundance, how do we depend on Him only?

When Lydia got sick everything was stripped away, but Jesus was left standing.  He held me up when all seemed hopeless.  Even when I only got short intervals of sleep during months of hospital stays…he sufficed.  It truly was a blessing to see Him so clearly and for Him to be EVERYTHING in my life for that period.

Now, I am thankful to be blessed again with abundance.   As Lydia gets stronger and more active, we are enjoying life.  I am not too great at sharing metaphors but I was thinking of God as a tree trunk and now branches are growing and budding beautiful leaves and soon there will be flowers…but it all comes from that trunk.  The trunk supports it.  It can be easy to just take notice of the beauty of the abundant foliage.

As my life goes forward, I am quick to notice my humanity and need for God.  I would love to “get it” all or already be perfected…I am tired of making huge mistakes day after day.  But thankfully my need for a savior draws me back to Him moment by moment.

Thanks for praying for Carly Parker who had a 4 hour long surgery this morning.  They removed nine spots from her lungs.  She will be in the PICU overnight then moved to a regular room for quite a stay.

Lydia has eye muscle surgery scheduled for Monday September 14 at Vanderbilt.  I truly pray that when the doctor sees her on the previous Friday he will either postpone or cancel it due to her doing so well.