Anyone who knows me, could see that coming.  Why on earth would I ever check books out from the Library?  I am a procrastinator, even with a three day courtesy notice from the Library I wait until last minute to make my returns…then forget.  Yet, I will check more books out tomorrow I am sure.  I am hoping that I can get out of the cycle, upon this confession.

Some family time and swimming did our family some good last week.  Now Lydia has a new cold…fever free.  I am praying that it stays that way.  I am afraid that it will lead to a sinus infection.  She had speech and occupational therapy this morning.  She was tight lipped.  She wasn’t interested in uttering much at all.  Then this evening, David caught her singing her ABC’s.  How cool is that!  She didn’t get all of the letters out perfectly, but tried!  Also, she said “ball” yesterday.  She rarely says something that has two different consonants.  I am hoping that her speech truly is emerging.

Thank you all for begging the Healer to take care of Lydia and the whole family when she was hospitalized.  That was a very scary time for me and your support and prayers meant so much.

Today is a victorious day for Lydia…it is the first day she is off ALL of her immuno-suppressant drugs!!!  Yes, the irony doesn’t fall short with me.  I get that she caught a cold on that very day.  Crazy.  BUT this is HUGE!!!  Soon, she will be able to get sick like a typical healthy child.  I mean, I don’t want her too, but how great that one day she can get a fever and just feel sick, not worry about hospital stays, etc.  That is still some time off, but it is around the corner!