There is no place like home.  Our quick jaunt to Children’s last week made me reevaluate everything once again.  What we are allowed to do and things that I should wait patiently for fill my head.  Hugs.  I love hugs.  I love to give them.  I love to get them.  They are such a wonderful expression of care and love but they carry germs.  I need to wait a bit longer.  I had started allowing hugs into my life again…oops.

Also, the months of June and July have been wonderful.  With the independence of Lydia’s walking, she was included in the frolicking of the three.  Since she has felt icky, she has been very clingy.  I believe I felt too comfortable in the utopia of where I was living.

My world was shaken with fears of relapse, questioning what we would do.  That brings up a good point, when I was a child I remember reading a book of questions of what you would do in certain situations.  In retrospect, I have learned that you cannot plan for the unexpected.  Even sitting in the ER last Thursday, I wondered what we would do if Lydia had relapsed.  Right now I couldn’t tell you what we would do.  I think that is because each situation is different and the Holy Spirit leads in all different directions.  The real focus is on Jesus Himself. 

I was reminded to live in the moment.  I get ahead of myself.  Worrying doesn’t do anything, but suck the precious energy out of life.  Right now Lydia is well.  She can play.  She is clingy.  I am clingy.  My family is together.  I was also reminded that my instructor is inside me, I just have to access Him.  It is so easy to get ahead of myself.

So I need a respite.  I am planning on heading to mom’s in Florida for the week.  The kids love going to Mimsy’s.  Get away from therapy for a week (she can’t go anyway since runny noses are in the house).  I am thankful that I can take my family for a trip at all.  There is so much to give thanks for.

Well since starting this post Lydia’s face is swollen.  After much discussion and debate I have decided to watch it over night then try to go to FL tomorrow.  I really hope it is nothing.