I want to thank you all for your wonderful prayers and encouragement.  Right now Lydia is walking around squealing in delight holding a birthday balloon, right here at home!  Her fever comes and goes.  Motrin brings it down.  My sons both have runny noses and a cough.  So the idea that it is all viral was a great call. 

My three year old baby boy had a GREAT day!  Three grandparents, aunt, uncle, and a friend with two sons (ages 2 and 4) came to celebrate with us. Her older son has a lot in common with my boys, because he has learned to be a compassionate  older brother to his baby that has many special needs. 

I have a lot to learn from my friend Julie…grace, managing the family, insight, etc.  I have been very blessed that by walking the tough path she has been down, she has been willing to share wisdom and compassion with me.

So, this was a small party.  Um, how in the WORLD do you guys throw parties with multiple children invited?  Seriously, the presents were so vast.  Dave and I gave just ONE present.  People followed suite, but man, there still was a PILE of presents.  He had a ball.  I did too…though a little overwhelmed.

Earlier this week, before the drama, my bestest friend in the whole wide world (other than her twin which has equal rank in the friendship department) came for a visit with her two children.  Allison got to our house at 9:30 on Sunday morning and immediately sent David and me to church.  She watched ALL FIVE children all by herself!  She is BRAVE.  Then she sent us out for multiple dates.  We had a great week full of rest, refreshment, excitement, and fun.  My boys want us to schedule a trip to Auburn ASAP!

Thank you all for your amazing support and love.  I am so glad that the body of Christ is so big.  I know I am not alone.