This experience has brought out the good, bad and ugly in me.  I can SO see the grace God gave me going through this during the actual crisis.  I have so much ickiness that still needs MAJOR refining by God Himself.

I  think I have messed up my sons for life with thinking a little fever means you are very sick with the needs of  doctors, hospitals, and an absent mom.  Oh how they need grace.

Dr. Cook is our inpatient doctor!!!  I am so thankful for her,  her expertise, and her loving care.  We have been blessed to see and have our loving nurses too. 

So the thinking is that she has a viral infection, that coincides with her blood work (counts going up and down).  Her cultures are still negative of a bacterial infection.  The thinking was that because of her lowered immune system due to her medications and transplant and because she is so little they would be conservative and get some antibiotics in her in case their was a bacterial infection brewing.  Hopefully it is not.

Anyway, her pesky fever is sticking around today.  It wasn’t even lowered by Tylenol.  So she got some Motrin.  Since the fever is being belligerent, we may have to spend another night.  We were just waiting around for her 8PM antibiotic, but now I don’t know what the call will be.  I know that Dr. Cook has Lydia’s best interest in mind, so I just have to trust that God is in control…and relax…and hopefully get some sleep tonight no matter where I am.