I am sitting in the ER with Lydia and Dave tonight waiting on tests.  She had a fever of 101 today which is why we landed here.  Thankfully my mom was driving to our house in preparation for my soon to be 3 year old’s birthday.  Ironically, the last time Lydia was admitted to the hospital was his birthday last year.  I have been pleading with God to spare both of them…her physically and him emotionally. 

When she developed the fever this afternoon I went into crisis mode…both for fear of a life threatening infection and fear of relapse.  Mostly I was just mad.  Would I always freak out when she gets a fever? 

The resident just came in and Lyd is being admitted.  Her white blood count is down.  Last Wednesday it was a little high for her.  That scared me, but it was still in the normal range.  Today it is not.  The doctor said it may be just fighting infection.  She will start high doses of antibiotics ASAP.

I will update later…I’m drained.  Thanks for your prayers.