Tomorrow is clinic day for Lydia.  It will be a little different than usually, because I am taking my boys with us!  We’ll see how my wild things do in confined quarters where only inside voices are acceptable. 

Aunt Sally is away for the month, and I am getting a taste for life without the enchanted help of my fairy-god-sister.  She is missed terribly.  I am thankful that she is getting a well deserved respite. 

I have the most joyous news to share…cousin Sarah is crawling!!!  She underwent open heart surgery months ago and now she is only 7 months old and she crawls!  It is so wonderful to see that her time in the hospital hasn’t slowed her down any.  Oh how that gives me hope!

***7PM update***My wonderful Mother in Law has come to my rescue and will take care of my sons during clinic tomorrow.  WOOHOO!!!