I have been REALLY under the weather with a stomach virus for quite a few days. Lydia and the family are all doing well. I stayed in quarantine to keep the my germs away from her. Sally and David were ON taking care of my children, meds, bottles, etc. They were blessed to get relief from Jeanette who offered grandma-daycare for several hours multiple times. I am ever grateful.

Last Wednesday, Lydia got her first round of vaccinations!!! This is HUGE. She is able to start with her newborn shots. I am so thankful for this milestone.

We had a great playdate this month with our friends the Vandivers. We met Abby and her family when Lydia was first discharged from Children’s Birmingham, when we returned to clinic. Mama Amy wrote about our outing including lots of pictures on their blog. I wanted to give you a chance to check it out and see Lydia and Abby playing.