Lydia is doing so well. Her cold never developed into an infection – Go White Blood Cells! I have been thankful that she is on an antibiotic twice a week that helps keep infections away. Both David and my younger son developed sinus infections, but the rest of us have been fine.

Wednesday, I took Lydia to see her oncologist. Her counts continue to stay normal…despite fighting the cold. I am pleased beyond words. She had gained a pound and grew an inch. She is between 5-10th percentile for both height and weight. I was starting to get nervous about our trip to Seattle. You know the questions that can drive you really nuts like: what will they find? Will this change our lives yet again? Will they let us come home? Thankfully our doctor set me straight. She said that they are going to find a healthy little girl.

I met with my shrink (psychologist) while we were in clinic. She is such a lovely lady. Me, being the people pleaser that I am, asked her if I was doing OK. Yeah, yeah, I realize that most shrinks ask the patient how they are doing, not the other way around. And she thinks I’m sane? What’s that about? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lydia is scheduled to have tubes in her ears on June 4th (the week we return from Seattle). I get so frustrated when filling out pre-surgery questionnaires. I was asked “does she have a bleeding problem?” I am dumbfounded every time I hear that question. I responded that “she had leukemia. Did you know she had leukemia?” “Oh, yes maam. So, er, does that mean she had a blood transfusion?” Uh YES! Like a gagillion AND a bone marrow transplant. The blood in her body belongs to someone else. As a friend, said to me, that really should be highlighted on the outside of her file.

By the way, If your child is ever scheduled for surgery and they point blank tell you that the patient can’t eat or drink after midnight. Ask them to be more specific. Midnight is of course very specific, but this was the first time I had ever been told midnight without more information. Like Lydia can have clear liquids until 6AM with this particular surgery/anaesthesia. I had to ask the right question to get all of the information. If we hadn’t gone through so many general anaesthesia I wouldn’t have had a clue.

So Saturday we begin our trek to Seattle. Sally and two grandmothers are staying at home with my sons. David, Lydia, and I will arrive Saturday evening, but have Sunday and Monday as play days. I was trying to arrange getting together with some other survivors (that are now 4), but we will have to try that next year. So instead, I spoke with a friend that helped put a plan together to go to Mount Rainier! We are spending Sunday night at Paradise Inn right on the park grounds. I can’t wait to enjoy the views and take it easy.

Then on Tuesday at 7:15AM the appointments begin. They are stacked tightly. Lydia will be exhausted…and hungry. She has to fast two days in a row. She is tough, tough as nails. I can’t wait to see the friends we made last year.

I am not going to take my computer with me (my laptop went kaput). I am going to send out mini updates on my twitter account via my cell phone. You can view those updates on my sidebar to the right on my website. If you get my updates via email, the twitter updates will not be emailed. I am sorry for this. If you need to contact me for any reason call David or my cellphone OR you can direct message me on the Twitter site…those will come to my cell phone. My twitter name is leapnlizzie (surprise, surprise).

LORD, I pray and beg that Lydia is still cancer-free and completely healthy.