When I was in middle school, my sister Sally and I moved in with my dear grandparents Blanche and W.H. lovingly referred to as Mama B and Papa Shorty.  Mama B was a wonderful influence in my life.  She taught me by the way she lived:  to the pure all things are pure. Life was to be lived to the fullest.  Her love for family was intense and her love for community evident.  God blessed the works of her hands in her own children and in the children she taught.

Mama B could think like a child.  She taught me to short sheet a bed.  Yes, Ms. Benson, much of Amber, Allison and my camp shenanigans were by my dearest Mama B.  In fact, last night, mom and I had fun short sheeting Allison and Amber’s bed…all in Mama B’s honor of course!

She taught us to have fun while not making fun of anyone…and always taking up the cause of the weak.  She taught us that education was needed to support the weak and that the arts was a great way to express yourself and hear God more clearly.

I never knew her as a young woman, but I thought of her as one.  As I watched her age over the past few years her beauty and love for life remained.

I am thankful that she is in  peace and now dancing for our Lord.  I will miss holding her loving hands and look forward to a time when I can hold them again.

Today’s funeral was beautiful.  Funeral’s are strange.  During a time of great mourning, people whom you love surround you.  I was honored to have such good friends travel so far to support me and my family.  I was deeply touched.

Today is also Lydia’s rebirthday.  One year ago Lydia had her bone marrow transplant.  Today after I returned from the funeral Lydia started to spike a fever.  I am so glad that she didn’t attend.  David’s cousin Kim traveled two hours to babysit her in Mama B’s house.  I cannot thank her enough for such a grand gesture.  After her temp climbed to 100.3 we returned to Birmingham.  If it got to 101 then she needs cultures drawn.  The alternative was to wait it out in the country and go to the county (adult) hospital.  She is a hard enough stick for those specializing in pediatrics.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of putting her through that agony.  Thankfully, since we have returned this evening her temp is in the 99 range.

I left the celebration of my grandmother tonight with the reminder of my job right now continues to be taking care of my children.  Lydia continues to do marvelously, but is still at risk for infection.  We still hope to go to Seattle next week to see her progress.  I pray she is well enough to attend.