To say we have a little on our plate is an understatement right now.  Sally and I took my children to Vanderbilt yesterday for Lydia’s Ophthalmology appointment (which was today).  While there found out that Mama B, my sweet 93 year old grandmother had passed away.  I feel really raw right now.  I am so thankful that she is in peace, but am so sad that I can’t hear her voice or touch her sweet hand.

I am planning on spending the next few days with the family.  BTW, please let me know if you have any cold or sickness symptoms so that can avoid Lydia’s exposure.  AND please do not touch her no matter how much you want too.  I cleared going to the funeral with Seattle as long as I don’t let people touch her/me.  That will be hard at a funeral.

As far as her eye appointment.  More surgery is anticipated this summer.