This has been a week of firsts.  Lydia took her first step yesterday during physical therapy.  I am not sure if I actually saw the first step.  She did it a few times…take one or two steps I mean.  She also would get distracted and stand not holding anything.  She stood up straight like that for 6 seconds.  It was HUGE!  She also pushed a push toy around the den.  She walked behind a push toy again during speech at the Bell Center today too.  She has approximately 20 days to learn to walk before we go to Seattle.  No pressure or anything, right?

My three and a half year old son learned to ride his bike today without the training wheels.  He busted the training wheels on Sunday and David has been working hard with him after work.  Today we went for a walk and met some neighborhood kids that are 7.  They were on their bikes and thought my boys were 5.  They wanted them to play with them.  My kids rode their big wheels a bit, but my oldest was inspired to “ride on two wheels” just like his new friends.  He did it…well not as well, but he is getting the hang of it and wants to practice, practice, practice.  He is so pleased.

My two and half year old was pleased to be a five year old too.  He didn’t want to give up the big wheeler.  Too cute.

No infections here that we know of.  I am in desperate need of sleep.  I really will go in just a minute.

Mama be has taken a turn for the worse…it is on my twitter side bar.  I have cried multiple times.  We are all stretched.