Thirty-six hours later and I am much more educated and my fears have been relieved.  Thanks for your prayers.

A little back history into yesterdays hysteria:

First thing in the morning, I had called Seattle, upon many people’s prompting. The message I left went something like “We are flying to Seattle at the end of the month for Lydia’s 1 year follow up, and I was wondering if you were wanting us to either postpone or find an alternative travel because of the swine flu.  I am not freaking out about it or anything.  I just wanted to be informed if SCCA has a policy regarding it yet.”

As the day goes on I find out about Mama B being positive to MRSA.  I am really shaken up about her having it since her age (93) and health.  It is so hard to treat.  I realize almost immediately that I have to break a promise to her.  When I left her on Wednesday morning, she had asked me if I would come back.  I said yes.  She followed up to make sure I would return.  I told her that I would return…that was before an open wound of MRSA.  I know she would want me to stay away to keep Lydia safe, but how I wish I hadn’t told her yes.  Someone suggested me sending her cards. 

Anyway, after talking to my mom, I spoke to Sally, who was at the doctor’s office because of a mild “cold”.  Better safe than sorry for Lydia’s sake and all.  She had just found out that her cold was Mycoplasma Pneumonia (walking pneumonia).  A chest x-ray showed one lung completely infiltrated!  She and the doctor were both surprised at the findings.  She should have felt worse at that point.  Sally and I FREAKED out, because it is contagious.

I call Dr. Cook, who gets in touch with disease control at Children’s to find out any recommendations for our family to protect Lydia. 

Sally and mom high tail it to mom’s house and Florida.  Sally is in isolation for seven days per doctor’s orders.

A nurse from Seattle calls the house.  I answer in a high pitch worried squeal “I am so glad you called I AM FREAKING OUT!”

She replied quizzically, “Your message said you weren’t freaking out.”

I began to laugh and fill her in.  She wasn’t worried about any of it, since I wasn’t showing signs of MRSA and that Dr. Cook was already working on it. 

OK, so I found out that most people are carriers for MRSA, but because I kissed my grandmothers head we are going to take special precautions.  Dr. Cook asked that I would see my doctor and see if I am a carrier.  I saw my doctor this morning, told him the situation and he was in complete agreement.  It will take 48 hours for the culture to come back.  I am not freaked out if it is positive, since it is very common.  The doctors will decolonize me if it is positive.

As for pneumonia…yea for ear infections!!!  WhooHOOOOO!  Lydia had started an antibiotic on Wednesday for her new ear infection.  It gave her an upset stomach so it was switched to the one she used last time.  It apparently is one that would be used treating this particular pneumonia.  So she was being treated prophylactically already.  I had no symptoms for it, so at this point we are going to pray that the rest of the family doesn’t get it either.

Lots of information.  Lots of hysteria.  Lots of life.  Thanks for caring for us in the midst of the insanity!