How many women do you know have prayed for a man to fall out of the sky for them?  Well today a doctor fell out of the woods, down the mountain, and landed at my feet…it scared us both.  No, I didn’t mace him, but I poked fun at him…just a little bit!

I have to explain.  I went to the hospital to visit with my 93 year old grandmother who had hip surgery yesterday.  She is doing well despite her age, heart, etc.  They had called us all in before the surgery, but she is the strongest woman I know.  She says it is not her own.

So, my mom was in the car with Lydia while I was visiting.  They had parked at a mall that was close by and I was eager to walk and catch a few rays…then this man scares me half to death falling out of the woods from above.  He only wished he had been the spectator not the acrobat.  He was headed to the mall area too.  The funny thing is, that there is no path.  I have never seen anyone walking that way, but the two of us were going at the exact same time.

You know, I rarely meet a stranger, so we began to talk.  We spoke about kids.  It turns out that he has two daughters: 23 and 20.  He gave me the encouragement that I was seeking.  He reminded me that my role was to parent and discipline not to be their friend.  Though friendship is easier at the beginning, but if you start with it, it will be harder in the end.  He said that a wise mentor of his said that ages 1 through 5 were the years for discipline.  It may feel like I am disciplining ALL the time, but to stick to it.  It will pay off.  Ages 6-12 are the years for training.  Ages 12-20 are the years for encouraging…then comes the friendship. I REALLY needed to hear this.  I sometimes want to give up disciplining, because it feels like it doesn’t make a difference…but it does.  It is not all tied up in a pretty bow, but this frame of reference helps.  It helps me move forward and enjoy where we are right now.

In addition to visiting with Mama B, I took Lydia to the Bell Center for physical therapy and to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor.  I thought we were going to have to go to clinic too because of a rash, but it was almost gone by morning.  Lydia is making lots of progress with therapy.  She can now sign two word together – “more crackers”.  She is cruising like a champ too!  I keep telling her that she has 30 days left to learn to walk (for our Seattle trip).

I found out at the ENT that Lydia does indeed have another ear infection.  She is on new antibiotics and will get tubes (most likely May 18th).

So May is pretty crazy.  The 13th is her ophthalmology appointment at Vanderbilt.  The 18th is ear surgery.  Then the 26th is Seattle 1 year follow up which will consist of two mornings of fasting (back to back), blood draws, dental exam, nutrition meeting, chronic Graft Versus Host Disease exam, chest X-ray, bone age X-ray, bone marrow aspiration, and  long term follow up conference.  She may have to meet with an ophthalmologist there too. WHEW!  I am tired just thinking about it, but in the scheme of things it is small potatoes.

We have decided to let half of the family stay at home during the out of town trips.  David is the lone video editor after recession induced lay offs.  We had originally hoped to take the whole family and stay for two weeks (one that was in the hospital and one that was fun), but now I am just thankful David has a job…with insurance too.