Hello world, is exactly what I imagine Lydia trying to say all the time.  We went to clinic today (the first time in over a month!!!).  Dr. Cook had just sent a medical and physical description of Lydia’s progress to Seattle for her one year follow-up, which is right around the corner.  Dr. C was overjoyed and surprised with how much she had progressed physically in the past month.  She certainly wasn’t expecting to walk into our exam room with Lydia standing at the chair playing with her toys.  The description she sent out will have to be rewritten.

Lydia’s counts looked great.  No infusions needed!  Her ears looked great too.  The rash that comes and goes was slightly there today.  We had played outside A LOT yesterday, so I slathered her in sunscreen (to prevent GVHD of the skin).   With her sensitive skin it is possible that she had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen.  Who knows, but I will test this theory after it clears.

While in the waiting room today, I met with one of the fabulous psychologists.  He was thrilled with Lydia’s progress and the way I had coped throughout her treatment (totally the grace of God).  It struck me profoundly when he said “and next year, you will wonder how you ever got through it”.  Lydia is getting healthier everyday AND life is shifting towards something normal.  As the shift continues, I want to hold on to the moments and live in the present.  I want to stay in the presence of the Lord.  I want to wait on Him for all things, not just dive in with both feet before Him like I often do.

Same life…new life.