This afternoon I ran into a couple that I hadn’t seen since Lydia’s diagnosis.  The couple was aware of Lydia’s cancer and was surprised to learn that she was alive and thriving.  They asked if she had undergone a stem cell transplant.  I could tell by her intonation that she was locked and loaded with opinions.  I answered her “yes, she had a umbilical cord stem cell transplant”.  She answered me, “praise God for stem cells”.  She went on to let me know that she was glad that they were doing something good with those embryos and look they saved my girls life. 

Whoa mama!  Did she really say what I think she said?  I had to speak up.  I quickly let her know that I am so thankful that a mother offered her babies umbilical cord when he/she was born to give life to my baby.  I also let her know that I was opposed to embryonic stem cell use.  She asked me why very tersely.  I told her that I thought that it would be a justification for abortion.

She went on to say that a woman who is thinking of aborting will abort anyway.  I responded that I have two children that were so close to being aborted, but their birth mothers had thankfully changed their minds.  The boys birthmothers didn’t have any easy solution, but they chose mercy and justice…as hard as it was for them.  I am glad that embryonic stem cells were not offered for Lydia, because that temptation would be too much to bare.

She responded that you never know what someone is going through.  She is right.  I have know idea what she was going through.  I wish that my responses to her had been filled with compassion instead of shock.  I truly didn’t feel defensive, just stunned. 

The reason that I relayed this conversation was to straighten out any confusion about the stem cells that were used in Lydia’s bone marrow transplant. 

My heart is filled with compassion for mothers that face(d) decisions for the life that they carry.  There is grace for all of us. My sins are just as large as anyone elses.  God is so much bigger than anything that we can come up with.  No matter what our opinions are, they don’t change our gracious God’s love for us all.