A small grease fire started in my skillet last week.  All six of us were working/playing when it broke out.  Little boys squealing “FIRE, ooh, ooh…FIRE”.  Sally smothering the flames with baking soda, and Dave smothering it with a damp towel.  I just took a few steps back and told the kids to go into the den.  They actually minded!  Lydia was on my hip the whole time witnessing the excitement.  Thankfully the fire was gone immediately, but the stench of the smoke lingered for days.  I still get a whiff of it if at times.

The next day, I was reading an interesting experiment about one families adventure in turning the power and water off for 48 hours.  This peaked my excitement and enthusiasm for all things pioneer.  Sally and I were theorizing whether of not it would be fun to try a similar, though less extreme scenario.  Dave thought we were nuts.  He is a wilderness kind of man, but more than that, he is a realist.

The funny thing is the power went off that very night!  We of course had not planned for it, but it brought on the most spontaneous and FUN family time.  The most fun was making shadow puppets.  The babies thought they were amazing.  My oldest kept making them attack his siblings shadows.  The kids thought it was so funny.

An hour and a half later, the power man came in his bucket truck.  We all went outside to see the big truck in action.  You know, trucks are my boys favorite things in the world.  Power was restored shortly there after and my need for pioneer life was fed.  Now I am thrilled to live in the 21st century again.

Lydia started pulling up!  She crawls everywhere, then pulls up on everything and anything.  She cruises holding on to furniture a bit on her own now too!  She is getting closer and closer to walking.  I still dream of her being able to walk when we go visit Seattle.  She is happier and happier everyday!  It warms my heart.

So, I am looking for strategical discipline maneuvers that work well without spanking.  I know, you would be a gazillionaire if you knew the one way that all children would respond to effectively.  Seriously though, I have three kids, three and under.  I physically cannot get up all the time to make my children mind…and they know how to push my buttons when I am distracted giving a bottle, etc.  You got any suggestions that work for your family?