We enjoyed the sunshine on Saturday at the gardens.  Lydia slept in the shade during much of our outing, but I couldn’t resist a few pictures in the sun when she got up.  My boys had a blast running around like crazy, eating our picnic lunch, and playing in the fountains.lydia-garden-2



I made it to church today with my mom.  David stayed home with all the kiddos during the most active time of the day.  Today is Palm Sunday, which reminds of us of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Tim talked about how back two thousandish years ago the same people crying out “Hosanna” and “save me” were the same people who cried out “crucify Him”.  I realized that it is no different today.  I need God to save me and because we all fall short the glory of God only His precious Son can do it…by His death…but of course it doesn’t stop there, because Jesus overcame death, being God and all. 

It was quite emotional for me in a cleansing way because I kept thinking of the verse in Isaiah “We are healed by his stripes”.  That was a verse that I clung to last year as well as today.  I would imagine putting my fingers in the wounds that cut Him so deeply.  I NEED those wounds, those HEALING wounds.  I am so thankful for them.  I am so thankful that He is perfect enough to take them all alone for me and for you.

The verse doesn’t say: we are no longer going to encounter any problems that will need healing.  Health problems come along the way and we can cling to those stripes.  And one day we will be healed forever when we stand in God’s presence.

Yes, I am so thankful for Jesus’ grace and mercy in those stripes.