I found out today that the humble ENT that Lydia saw on Monday had indeed cleared the fluid from her ears!  He had put her on a 10 day antibiotic that he thought would help.  Boy did it!  Now she doesn’t have to go through another operation, even with how minor it is in contrast. 

She had another hearing screening, this time she only had mild hearing loss with certain tones and frequencies.  She had normal hearing with the human voice.  We are going to try to schedule a ABR hearing screening that will be performed under anesthesia, while she is in Seattle for her one year follow up.  I understand that she will be sedated for some of the diagnostics that will be performed.

As Lydia recovers, so does her hair.  It is so much fun to have a girl – with hair to put bows in.  My younger son had the perfect hair for bows when he was a baby, but I refrained.  So now a girl with light curls.  Today was a day for the bow.  So after her bath, I slathered her with her ointment, dressed her and played with her hair.  She found it humorous to take the bow out, then try to put it back in herself.  So once our game was over, her hair was greased up and she looked like she had a mo-hawk.  I apologized for what I had accidentally done to her hair all day.  Then I realized how thankful I was for hair…even on a bad hair day.  Just another reminder that treatment is behind her.  Thank you God.  Please keep it behind her always.