Today was definitely a day of ups and downs.  Lydia FINALLY went to the ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor today.  It was an interesting experience.  The doctor was very loving and compassionate.  She still has fluid in her ears, but they are not infected.  I was surprised to find out that in all of his years he had never treated a baby as sick as Lydia and is recommending a different doctor to take over.  WOW!  I was pretty shocked.  My baby who is making leaps and bounds stumped him.  One of our oncology friends had recommended him along with our pediatrician so I knew he was familiar with kids that had been very sick.  Truly it makes me sad to be told how sick Lydia is while she is recovering.

He is recommending her to get tubes ASAP, and in the meantime gave her some antibiotics.  He said that this fluid needed to be cleared up because of the infection risk.  It could lead to all sorts of neurological problems, including meningitis.

He also said some very uplifting things that I needed to hear.  I am very glad that I saw him, but wow, did it change my perspective for a bit.

Midday, I got a call from Seattle.  I left a message over the weekend to see if Lydia would be able to join a small group session for Early Intervention this summer.  Originally, she would be off all of her immune suppressants by June, but now it is looking like July at the earliest.  I was pleasantly surprised that they encouraged this.  We have to make sure that everyone is believed to be well and that they don’t believe to have been in contact with anyone who was ill.  With flu season leaving, I am excited to have this new opportunity.

Speaking of ill people.  I am wondering if my boys are getting sick.  They were quite cranky today.  I mean WAY more than normal.  I would love it if you would pray for them and for Lydia to be protected.

With all the pain and suffering in the world it can be overwhelming to think about.  To hear of such terrible circumstances that are out of our control can be unbearable.  I am so thankful that NOTHING is too big for our God.  NOTHING catches Him off guard.  I take comfort in knowing that He knew all of our problems before they happened.  I am not a seasoned prayer like many of you who have prayed for Lydia.  Everyday I realize that I have SOOOO much to learn and surrender.  I do believe that it if Jesus walked the Earth that He would heal whomever was brought to Him.  No where can I find scripture of Him turning someone away that was brought…I might be wrong, but I have yet to find it.  So that is why I feel so strongly about bringing these sick children to the feet of God.  My prayers typically are for complete healing, peace, hope, and for them (and their families) to praise our Lord in the midst of suffering.  I have noticed that my most effective prayers, I mean ones where God is really present, include picturing a person praising God. I don’t believe that these prayers are magical, but that the God of the universe will be present during a very hard time.

With the addition of the prayer updates for others, I didn’t want anyone reading them to get overwhelmed, but to be united in prayers that are bigger than ourselves.