Thank you all for bringing our cousin, baby Sarah, to God and begging for His mercy.  She is now recovering AT HOME!!!  Her surgery and recovery in the hospital went even better than anticipated.  She now has her battle scars to prove how tough she is, but after a “perfect” echocardiogram today, she was released.  She is doing all normal baby stuff: eating, sleeping, etc.  Thank you for your continued prayer for her recovery.

We continue to enjoy our vacation.  We had some real excitement yesterday when my 2 year old son fell in the pool without his life preserver on.  Aunt Sally dove in and rescued him immediately.  She is our life saver.  Andrew was shaken, but physically fine.  Everyday, I am so thankful for her love and rescuing our family.  When people ask me how I am able to take care of the kids, I always respond with my saint of a sister Sally.  You are an answer to my prayers.

We received visitors from dear childhood friends, Brian and Steph, today.  It was so wonderful to enjoy adult conversation and reunion.

I can’t wait to be reunited with David tomorrow.  He has enjoyed holding down the fort with his own vacation.  Yesterday, he proved that he still “has it” after a kayaking day trip with his friend Den.  David Sweet, you remain the man of my dreams.