This afternoon, while the kids are somewhere between sleep and some sort of consciousness, I am enjoying the view of the countryside from my mama’s living room.  Their are several large trees along the perimeter.  I am imagining how beautiful and grand they must be in the summer when they are full of lush green leaves.  

It has been years since I have enjoyed spring break.  Sitting here looking at the landscape I see that spring break shows a preview of what is to come…late spring and summer.  When things are full of life and beautiful.

There is an large oak tree that keeps drawing me in.  It has fresh greenery budding all about.  Though it is not yet lush, I can see what looked dead is leaving and new, fresh life is coming out of it.  Winter wasn’t the trees story.  Spring doesn’t complete the trees story.  There is more coming.

This is the first time I feel like I have a hope for something new.  In fact, as Lydia has been recovering I have always been surprised that she looked sick to others (even when she had her tubes).  The reason it would catch me off guard is that she looked so much better than she did when she was filled with leukemia.  So as she recovers their are still bare parts to her that this new life will continue to fill.  This is not the end, but the beginning of a new season.

Thinking of it, we have been in spring break, since our return from Seattle.  I just didn’t recognize it yet.

Once again thank you for joining me in my stream of consciousness.  I am so thankful that there is more to the story.  More to hope for.  More to be thankful for.