So I got an email today from a friend that I had not spoken to since December, asking how Lydia was doing.  Our website had been lost.  I responded:

She is doing great!  Thanks for asking.  She is now crawling!  Feeding is the big issue right now.  Prayers needed in that area,  but that is just a maintenance thing, not a miracle thing.  God is so good.

That is when it hit me.  I knew that we were not in crisis mode anymore.  But I realized that these recovery issues that we face are part of the road.  They aren’t easy, but Lydia is not in need for a miracle to have life.  She was blessed with a miracle.  I don’t have a clue why God would be so merciful to us.  But I am EVER THANKFUL.

She now has special needs that are exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally…but I am so thankful that she has needs at all.  So sometimes I may fall into whining mode.  Please forgive me.  I am around whiners all day long.  It kind of wears off.  I do plan on continuing to wear my heart on my sleeve (and web page) and being the emotional chick I am, who knows what I will write tomorrow.

I do thank you for your continued maintenance prayers for Lydia’s life.  They are way desired.

As for miracle prayers, there are two babies that need them right now.  Jonah and Maddie.  I know in my heart of hearts that God is doing a special work in their lives and their families lives.  As I have said multiple times: when Lydia was diagnosed I didn’t know if she would live or die, but I knew that God was in control.  Please pray for that peace for these families too.