Just wanted to let you know that Lydia continues to feel GREAT now that her stomach meds are back to where they started. She is now enjoying being a big girl with a straw cup! I want to hug the inventor of the juice box. I gave her an apple juice box last night with dinner and she drank the full 6.75 oz!!! That is more than the bottle I offer her. I am still concerned with her eating, but think she is on the right track.

Thank you all for the warm advice. In addition to the encouraging comments, many folks emailed me with great tips. One friend mentioned that drinking from a straw is easier than a sippy cup and her kids never drank from the sippy cup when they had an ear infection. We are still waiting to hear from the ENT. After hearing this, I called around and spoke with one practice and our oncology group about the referral. I want the fluid out of my babies ears.

Also, we have had so much fun playing outdoors. I am always careful to put sunscreen on Lydia, keep her in long sleeves, and have her stroller sun protection covering her (her stroller burka, David calls it). Even still she got a little sun on her face. Sun exposure is the number one aggravater of GVHD. So I am praying hard. I am not sure when she would have gotten it, because she slept completely covered when we were outside. I wonder if it was while we were driving in the car. Who knows, but hopefully it will not happen again.

Thanks for the prayers,