The following details maybe very boring for most people.  If you are courageous enough to read them I would LOVE some input.  I am at my wits end, exhausted, and frustrated.  Looking for a little advice here.

One thing I didn’t mention last week after our clinic visit was that Lydia was a little dehydrated.  I had decreased her bottles slightly (to 25 ounces a day) and they had much less pedialyte and much more soy milk in them.  Other than the dehydration it was working well.  She was eating much more, getting the calories, calcium, and vitamins that needs on a daily basis.  Our doctor wasn’t worried since I was the one messing around with her bottle feedings anyway.  She told me to increase a bottle of water a day.  I thought “no problem”.  Well…

With the increase of bottle feedings she won’t eat like she should.  She won’t take a bottle of water either.  So I went back to giving her a bottle of pedialyte while she is sleeping.

Also, since going to the Bell Center for therapy, I have been giving her a little Ativan.  I am hoping to help the transition to a new environment and get through the workout that she receives.  So over the weekend, I noticed that she has not been as happy and playful as “normal”.  I freaked out thinking that it is because of the need for anxiety medicine.  THEN I remembered that Ativan helps with upset stomach too.  A week prior to clinic, at the GI appointment, we reduced Lydia’s Prevacid to once a day instead of twice a day and I stopped giving her Zofran for nausea.  Zofran is as needed and she hasn’t been throwing up.

Thinking back, I have noticed an increase in small spitting up.  She has been constipated too.  Last night she screamed until she finally exploded, then she chugged a bottle and threw it up.  She felt MUCH better afterwards.  This morning I started her back on the Zofran and Prevacid and she was all smiles and giggles today.  She ate better too…but still not quite as good as I want.  I am hopeful though.  Also, I am giving her Miralax for the constipation.

I am still worried that she is not drinking well enough.  Maybe she needs pedialyte.  Maybe that is why she likes it so much.  I know I analyze the stew out of every detail of her life.  I know I can’t control it…as hard as I try.  I keep thinking what am I doing wrong now.  Why is this so hard?  What else can I try?  What can I do better?  Will you please pray for all of these details?

On the upside to everything, we went to the park today and I got to play hard with the guys.  Aunt Yeowza was on Lydia duty.  We all had a blast.

AND Lydia hit a huge milestone.  She is CRAWLING!!!  Really crawling and now she is everywhere.  It is so exciting to see her continue to move forward.