Today was another busy day.  For a family in “isolation” I sometimes wonder if it could be busier.  Today we continued Lydia’s therapy at the Bell Center.  It went really well.  I love that both programs (Children’s EI and the Bell Center) are on the same page about Lydia’s therapy.  It is wonderful that everyone wants to see her continue to develop and make sure that I am informed.  Have I mentioned that through ALL of Lydia’s variety of treatments we have seen no ego’s getting in the way.  Isn’t that unbelievable?  I wonder if that is a pediatric thing or the grace of God?  Either way it is the grace of God.

Next we ran home and picked up my boys and Yeowzah for a picnic at the gardens.  It was a beautiful day outside.  The geese thought so too.  I had to play BIG MAMA and protect my boys from their unwanted advances.  They were quite territorial. 

Then it was off to clinic.  She fell asleep right before we got into the parking lot.  She awakened to the blood pressure cuff finished…emphasis on finished.  We got the numbers before she got crazy upset.  After finishing triage she fell asleep immediately.  This time she awakened to the lab draw.  Not exactly how I like to wake up either.  So she was fussy all throughout clinic, BUT her labs were NORMAL!!!  Dr. Cook was so pleased.  We don’t have to go back for three weeks, if all goes as planned.  Hopefully in the mean time, we will get her ENT referral and placed with a new neurosurgeon.  Our friend and previous neurosurgeon, Dr. Satchivi, moved during our trip to Seattle.  I had not even thought twice about Lydia needing to ever be seen by a neurosurgeon again since all of her brain surgeries were behind us.  In all of the excitement of the past year, I forgot that the wee little piece of hardware in her head might need to be examined every once in a while.  Oops.  We miss you Dr. Satchivi, Angie, and Ayla.  The weather is warmer down here.  Don’t you miss it?

In all of the excitement of the day, it is sometimes hard to hear God’s voice.  To notice what He is doing.  I don’t begin to let on that I ever KNOW what God is up too.  But I like to see when His hand is on something or somebody.  Sometimes I will go into clinic and just pray for all of the kids and families.  Not today.  I thought of the families that are always in my mind, but I forgot to open my eyes.  No family should be going through it.  What I mean is no mother or father ever dreamed or desired this on their child.  No one wants their child to be sick. No one is someone that you can think, “well they can handle it” or on the other end of the spectrum “they deserve it”.  The kids all need prayer and so do the families.

I saw a car drive into Children’s Hospital two weeks ago that had a picture of a child with sign that said that they needed donations.  They had tags from a different state.  Many of the families come from along way away.  I immediately wondered about their child and their great need.  Their car was very old.  I knew they could use money, if for nothing else but gas.  Before going through all of this, I think I would have wondered “is this a scam?”  Well, I saw with my own eyes that is was not, but I hope that I will have faith to trust God’s leading when I meet people who are hurting or in need.  We all walk around with this armour on.  This shell of what we think life is suppose to look like, or who we are suppose to be, or who we want to be.  But what if we truely let our needs be known?  What if we had signs on our cars that let people know our weaknesses and needs.  What if we all had blogs!