Many cancer mom’s I know pretty much tell people on a need to know basis that their child has/had cancer.  I, on the other hand, feel like Lydia’s story is one to be shared.  I want desperately to offer hope to people that I meet.  Sometimes the person I am talking to will start praising God aloud.  Sometimes their will be a tear and the person will tell me about the strength that they pull from it.  Often times a person that hears the story will tell me about cancer with a family or friend.  And one time (Friday) a person freaked out and walked away.  OK, looking back I can see how that happened.  In the past, I notice things like cancer bracelets, ribbons, or other cancer awareness paraphernalia.  Then I ask them what it reminds them of.  Then we swap stories.  Other times, I will be asked my children’s ages, then I will joyfully speak of Lydia’s battle. 

But, on Friday, I overheard someone mention that they knew a person that was very special to me…Lydia’s delivery nurse.  So I piped up and told her to tell Jennifer that I said hi.  And I told her that she had delivered my baby and Jennifer will remember who we are because my baby was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 3 months old.  I was excited.  I was intense.  I freaked her out.  She was pregnant. Not the best timing for the crazy mom to attack her with baby fear stories.

I sneaked away while she was hiding from me.  I was then freaked out.  This was the first time that I had ever been given this kind of reaction.  I cried.  I realize that this story is not normal, but it is normal to me now.  It is what we are made of.  I have learned a good lesson in controlling my tongue.

So, I get home all shaken up and get the mail, only to find a Huggies mailer entitled “Little Harry Hubble: the boy in the plastic bubble”.  It is a picture of a cute cartoon boy looking pitiful in his plastic bubble.  Then I really started crying, until I started laughing.   It is just too weird and rediculously absurd.   And yes, I will continue to use Huggies.


I finally have three new pictures up.  Check them out!