Today I took Lydia to the Bell Center.  She will be going twice a week receiving their therapeutic services.  Early Intervention will continue to come out to the house as they have been.  I have been perfectly content with the states EI program and am happy to get out of the house for the private program.  Lydia did really well today.  She was quite content to sit with the OT and work on her skills.

This afternoon we were off to the GI doctor.  That appointment went well too.  Her weight is steady at 21 pounds.  I was glad that she had not lost any more.  He wants me to continue with the soy milk and try to wean her off the pedialyte.  I am hopeful even if it is a slow wean. 

So today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of lent…a reminder of Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness and the passion of the cross.  I was reading something interesting this week.  After Satan finished tempting Jesus in the wilderness, the angels ministered to Him.  OK, I can imagine that God would send His angels to minister to the Son of God, but what caught my attention was several chapters later in Matthew Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law of a great fever.  After that healing the mother-in-law ministered to Jesus.  That is so amazing to me that she had any way to minister to Him AND that after she was well that is what she chose to do.  To be able to minister to Jesus Himself, how beautiful a picture.