I regularly read an interesting blog written by Karla, who is a nurse who works with oncology patients.  Two years ago, her baby was diagnosed with infant leukemia.  Baby Samantha has done great and is cancer free.  Karla is back at work and now back in school working on another nursing degree.  She is very artistic and I am encouraged by her perspective of life.  Her blog is particularly interesting, because she often writes about normal life.  She recently was looking for poetry about nurses for a project she was doing and had a hard time finding any that fit the reality of nurses.  Most that she came across described them as saint-like angels.  This really got me thinking.

I have never felt the Holy Spirit in such a real way, as I did at Children’s Hospital when Lydia was diagnosed.  I was a believer long before, but His presence was so powerfully present that night and long after.  Sure that was a personal experience that I had, but He used so many people to work through.  Not everyone that helped Lydia was a christian, but they were made in God’s image and He used them in a powerful way.  People who work in the hospital setting are serving.  They aren’t just serving the average person, they are serving hurting people who most likely are scared and just want to be well in their safe “normal” lives.  If you are needing the services of a hospital you are probably in need at some level.  Doctors, nurses, transporters, housekeeping, etc. are serving those in need.  I saw a reflection of God’s goodness in their faces.  Of course I don’t worship them.  They are not mini-gods.  They are just humans, fallen like the rest of us.  They have chosen serving professions.  They may be kicking and screaming the whole way, I don’t know, but they are serving.  I do know God uses them in a mighty way. 

My father is a pastor.  He is a servant of God, but he is human.  This is such a good thing.  Our humanity keeps us from being idols to others.  Daddy, I do want you to know that you are perfect to me! 😉

Thank you all for your servant hearts.

Lydia’s clinic visit went very well on Wednesday.  Her liver enzymes are MUCH lower.  They are still a little high, but not as freaky as before.  Also, her weight is down.  Since all she likes to drink is pedialyte and is only eating like a nine month old, she is not getting the nutrition she needs.  I started giving her some soy milk mixed with her pedialyte and that is going pretty well.  I really think she may be allergic to milk.  Who knows.

David and I went out on a date last night.  I LOVED going out.  We ate sushi and had a great time.  Thanks fam for watching the kiddos.  We tried not to talk about children at all.  We kept catching ourselves and adjusting our conversation.  Lots of fun learning what the other is thinking about in the adult world.