My world is curiously different world, than I lived in a year and a half ago.  Not only the obvious changes, but the subtle ones get me pondering.  I now know more people who have lost their children, than have lost their parents.  And I especially know many more children fighting for their lives.  And you, by default, have been introduced to more children in their darkest days than you probably did before. 

All of this to say, I am often faced with a devastating situation that a friend, loved one, or complete stranger is going through…and I have know idea what to say.  I can only imagine how most of you found courage from deep within to reach out and love Lydia, my sons, husband, and me during our darkest hour.  You guys are BRAVE! 

As another wise woman reminded me the other day, our job is to love not to fix.  That is hard in the south where I am always fixin’ to do something!  She is completely right though.  God wants us to simply love…Him and others.  So that is what I am striving to do.  Just love.  I am glad for the reminder.

Thank you for showing your love, too.