Lydia’s clinic visit went very smoothly today.  She did not like having her IV placed (no surprises there).  I was in much better spirits, which she picked up on.  She settled right on down for a long nap in my arms during most of the infusion.

Her liver panel is still elevated.  We should have results soon (tonight or tomorrow) on a possible scary infection, but clinically she looks great.  I am very hopeful.  If her lab work comes back clean, we may poke around for gut GVHD.  It is still possible that it is all because of a simple tummy virus.  We will soon enough have answers.  Live in the moment is my motto.  I sometimes forget it, but not today. 

We saw old friends and made new friends today in clinic.  All of them need prayer…patients, parents, and staff alike.  Thank you for your faithfulness.